10 kdramas you can watch if you want a good cry

Are you looking for korean dramas that can make you cry? Here are 10 series you can watch if you want to bawl your eyes out.

Some of the kdramas listed below are not all dramas made for crying, some of them are romantic comedies disguised as tearjerker shows. The story together with the actors’ brilliant acting makes you want to cry all your feels out. 

1.) Reply 1988
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 93%

Why “Reply 1988” can make you cry? It’s a story about friendship, being a parent, being a sibling, and reminiscing the past. Also, the OSTs of this drama adds up to the heartwarming tone of the show. One word to describe this series is “nostalgia”. A must watch if you are a kdrama fan. 

2.) Chicago Typewriter
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 90%

“Chicago Typewriter” is a story about patriotism and friendship. The first part of the drama seems to be so mysterious but as the show goes on you’ll never notice that you’re slowly becoming involved in the characters and you just can’t help but cry. 

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3.) Remember: War Of The Son
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 100%

We all know how good Yoo Seung Ho when he acts. His facial expression when he is crying will make you weep. But aside from that “Remember: War Of The Son” will definitely give you a lot of time to cry. It’s a story about justice, about being a son, a friend, and someone who just want to have a good life. 

4.) Go Back Couple
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 99%

Being a parent is hard, but you will never exchange it for anything. “Go Back Couple” revolves around a divorced couple wanting to start anew. If you are a parent you’ll know that sacrifices are always a part of being one. This show will really hit your soft spot. 

5.) Another Oh Hae Young
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 84%
6.) It's Okay That's Love
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 96%

What made “It’s Okay That’s Love” on the consistent list of tear triggering kdramas of all time? The story. The intriguing story. The surprises. And the acting. Oh not to forget the official soundtracks.

7.) Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 95%

If you’re a fan of the Chinese version of this drama then you know that you will need tissues when you watch this. “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” will give you all the feels. The first part of the series has all the light stuff but as the show progressed, tears keep coming. 

8.) Kill Me Heal Me
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 87%

Why “Kill Me Heal Me” is a part of this list when this is supposed to be a romantic comedy? Well, yes, the show mainly showed light stuff, but it also tackled a lot of things about being a person. In addition to that, Ji Sung’s acting is award winning.

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9.) Oh My Geumbi
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 100%

“Oh My Geumbi” is a kdrama for everyone looking for a good cry. The acting is superb. I cried since the first episode. It tells the story of a father and daughter relationship. And you know where this will go if the story involves parents. 

10.) Uncontrollably Fond
Level of tears you'd shed:
Huhuness level 98%

“Uncontrollably Fond” is one of those korean dramas that you know has a sad story. It is. Right from the beginning, you know where you’re signing up. The flow of the story is heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time.

Prepare your tissues for an emotional ride. What is your favorite?

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15 thoughts on “10 kdramas you can watch if you want a good cry

  1. I have been watching drama for a very very long time and these dramas have always stuck out to me as particularly sad:
    My Mister (2018)
    Giant (2010) Lee Beom Soo
    Children of Nobody (2018) Kim Sun Ah
    Mama (2014) Song Yoon-A
    Secret (2013) Hwang Jung Eum & Ji Sung – this is way more sad than Kill me Heal Me I think. I mean, what happens with her baby…..
    Snow in August (2007) – omg.
    The Devil (2007) Ju Ji-Hoon/Umh Tae Woong
    Make a Woman Cry (2015)
    Can You Hear my Heart? (2011) – super emotional acting from Namgoong Min and granny. And actually quite depressing undertones in the female lead’s approach to life if you analyse it.
    Age of Youth (2016) – Han Ye Ri’s character storyline in season 1.

    These dramas are super super depressing and will make you cry, but they have hopeful, bittersweet or happy endings so are re-watchable.

  2. Am I the only one who cried while watching Angel’s last mission:- Love.
    It’s actually a very underrated k-drama.

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