A Guide to Best Mystery and Thriller K-Movies of All Time

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Korean dramas are so popular around the world because of its worthiness, but did you know that Korean movies are also good to consider? Not just because you could finish it in less than three hours, it also has the uniqueness and life lessons that will show you.

Recently, we have already written a guide to best rom-com Korean movies that you can check out. Subsequently, we have also shared various recommendation for K-dramas: horror K-dramasromantic comedy dramas of 2016 and 2018recent K-dramasJune 2019 dramas, and more! Per K-movies: EXO members’ K-movies, and others.

Now, we will be sharing a guide to best mystery and thriller K-movies of all time. All of these will surely amaze y’all and give you the taste of satisfaction and excitement. Moreover, it will also lead you to answering mysteries and puzzles.

With the help of our bes in Annyeong Oppa Group‘s latest survey, you can see below the 10 must-watch mystery and thriller K-movies! Don’t forget to list it all on your notes, mga bes.

Fabricated City

Photo credits to CJ Entertainment and Viu

Fabricated City tells the story of an unemployed man who spends most of his time playing games in an internet cafe; apparently, his character in there is the best leader in virtual game world. Later on, when he’s done playing, he found a smartphone and tries to look for its owner. Afterwards, he is accused as a suspect in a murder case. Then, a hacker will appear and tries to help him unfold the truth behind the case.

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Midnight Runners

Photo credits to Lotte Entertainment

Midnight Runners tells the story of two new students at the Korean National Police University. One night, they’ve decided to go out. Then and there, they’ve witnessed a young woman being kidnapped. They will try getting a help from the local police but they are busy with a certain case. So, they will try to save the life of the young woman before they run out of time.

The Vanished

Photo credits to Kidari Ent and AsianWiki
Suggested by Jem Valeriano

The Vanished tells the story of a famous married chaebol whose body disappears at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. The in-charge detective tries to study the case and look for clues regarding the body disappearance. However, her husband believes that she is alive.


Photo credits to Megabox Plus M and AsianWiki
Suggested by Joshua Gabriel

Forgotten tells the story of a young man who moves into a new house together with his older brother, mother, and father. On a rainy night, he witnesses the abduction of his older brother. After 19 days since he disappeared, he returns home and claims that he remembers nothing prior to his disappearance.

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Midnight FM

Photo credits to Lotte Entertainment and AsianWiki
Suggested by Cristille Shaira Egonio

Midnight FM tells the story of a popular television announcer and midnight DJ who decides to quit her job to take her ill daughter to United Stated on the following morning. As she prepares for her final radio program, she receives mysterious message.

Door Lock

Photo credits to Megabox Plus M and AsianWiki
Suggested by Marielle Leabres Macatangay

Door Lock tells the story of a woman who lives alone in an apartment. Later on, she will find an evidence that someone tries to broke into her apartment. Then and there, a mysterious murder case will take place.

Accidental Detective 1

Photo credits to CJ Entertainment and AsianWiki
Suggested by Gwen Bernales

Accidental Detective 1 tells the story of a man who is running a comic bookstore, website, taking care of a baby and crime enthusiast; who is solving murder cases.

Accidental Detective 2: In Action

Photo credits to CJ Entertainment
Suggested by Gwen Bernales

Accidental Detective 2: In Action tells the story of men with comic bookstore, and a detective; who joined forces to launch a private detective agency.


Photo credits to Next Entertainment World
Suggested by Rose Fabian Ancheta Gomez

Haunters tells the story of a man who has a mind control ability. At a young age, he suffers from the brutality of his parents. Then, he runs away to escape from her mother when she tries to kill him.

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The Priests

Photo credits to CJ Entertainment

The Priests tells the story of a high school student who gets in a hit-and-run accident. Father Kim is sure that she is possessed by an evil spirit. So, he prepares for an exorcism with the help of a seminarian.

All of these will surely drive you crazy but it will also be a good shot for you to unravel mysteries with the characters. Feel free to share your feels with us on the comment section, mga bes!

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our bes in Annyeong Oppa Group who shared their favorite mystery/thriller K-movies!

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