LOOK: A Filipino made an appearance in “Arthdal Chronicles”!!!

Yes bes, you heard it right. The Filipino Director, Actor, Businessman, and Korean language Teacher Nash Ang, made his fellow Filipino proud once again after his appearance in the korean hit drama Arthdal Chronicles.

On the 8th episode of the series, Nash Ang made an appearance as part of the Wahan Tribe. See screenshots below.

Before his appearance in the said series, he posted a behind the scene photo on his facebook account which showed a photo of him wearing costume.

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Subsequently, he uploaded behind the scene photos from the shoot. And of course, a heartwarming selfie with Song Joong Ki. Plus, a bonus throwback of his encounter with Tagon played by Jang Dong Gun.

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Not only in Arthdal Chronicles, he also made an appearance in the korean drama series, “Special Inspector Labor Jo” in which he portrayed a signalman of a construction site. Much to our surprise, he spoke Tagalog.

Undoubtedly, Filipinos are easily touched by things that pertains to us, especially if it is about our country. Certainly, if it is a good thing. Even the mere mention of Philippines or Filipinos can make us jump out from our seats.

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As a fellow Filipino, I am proud of his appearance in korean dramas and I am sure you do too bes. It is something to celebrate for we know Filipinos are indeed world-class! Hence, let’s keep on supporting Nash Ang on his endeavors as he continues to make our country proud.

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