Kim Dong Hee, South Korean teen actor under JYP Entertainment is currently making a name in the film industry with his good looks and great acting skills!

He is recently known as one of the casts in the JTBC hit-drama Itaewon Class. Aside from that, he also appeared in various well-known dramas and perfectly played his roles.

So now, let us explore and know more of Kim Dong Hee’s drama below!

1. A-TEEN (2018)

Episodes: 24

A-TEEN is a romance-comedy drama that tells the story of six high school students on how they are coping up with life. It focuses the struggles, heartbreaks, and relationships of being a teen.

Kim Dong Hee plays the role of Hamin also known as the group’s resident flirt. He gives mixed-signals to the girls and leave them hanging afterwards.

2. A-TEEN 2 (2019)

Episodes: 20

The second season of A-TEEN continued the stories of the same casts. It will now focus on their new journey as they are stepping onto college and approaching the ages of 18 and 19.

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3. Sky Castle (2018)

Episodes: 20

Sky Castle is a satire drama under JTBC and was hailed as the highest-rating Korean drama of all time. It tells the luxurious life of the families in the residential area called Sky Castle.

The housewives aim to raise their child like a royalty and help their husbands to become more successful as they wanted to build a real sky castle for their families.

Kim Dong Hee takes on the role of Cha Seojoon, the good and obedient son of the ambitious law school professor Cha Min Hyuk.

4. Itaewon Class (2020)

Episodes: 16

Itaewon Class is not your typical drama premiered on JTBC and Netflix. It tells the story of Park Saeroyi played by Park Seo Joon who vows to avenge his father’s death by destroying the enemy.

The drama focuses on his determination and struggles to open a pub despite the cruelty of his enemy. Aside from that, it also discussed about societal issues such as injustices, fame, racism, and gender inequality.

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Kim Dong Hee plays the role of Jang Geun Soo, the youngest half-brother of Park Saeroyi’s enemy. Unlike his family, he leaves the comforts of luxurious life and managed to live alone. Due to several circumstances, he ended up working in Saeroyi’s pub named Dan Bam and became friends with the people there.

5. Extracurricular (2020)

Episodes: 10

Extracurricular is a mystery-thriller drama and it is Kim Dong Hee’s first lead drama on Netflix.

The mystery drama revolves around a role-model high school student named Jisoo played by Dong Hee who commits serious crime just to pay his university tuition. Unfortunately, his classmates find out his doings and now involved in his crimes.

Official Trailer of Extracurricular

In the above mentioned dramas of Kim Dong Hee, it clearly shows how good he is as an actor! Nevertheless, let us continue to support him in his endeavor in the industry.

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