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Record of Youth tells the story of friendship, family, and dreams. Sa Hye Jun is a successful model who dreams of becoming an actor but struggles to become one. On the other hand, his best friend Won Hae Hyo effortlessly gets every golden opportunity, thanks to the influence and money of her mom-ager. While he is slowly making a name in the entertainment industry, Hye Jun’s future seems to be slowly drifting away. Meanwhile, Ahn Jeong Ha is an assistant make up artist who dreams of becoming well-known in her field and hopes of creating her own makeup line someday.

TVN 드라마

The main story shows the life of the three main characters: their dreams, their hopes and the struggles that come in between. These include the everyday conflicts at home, at work and with the people behind the glitz and glam of their industry.

TVN 드라마

The first few episodes of this new drama is enough to make you feel that you are part of their story. It’s like seeing a touch of your own personal experience in the characters which makes it appeal more real for you.

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These are some of the everyday realities that I picked up from Record of Youth and perhaps you can also relate to:

1. Fangirling/Fanboying is therapeutic especially when you are having a hard time.

2. Doing what you like does not always guarantee that the odds will always be in your favor. Sometimes it takes a number of setbacks before finally getting that perfect opportunity.

TVN 드라마

3. It’s never too late to give it your all when you find your ultimate chance of a lifetime. That “make it or break it” saying is true.

4. Dreaming is not for the faint hearted. You won’t achieve anything if you start by thinking it’s impossible.

5. Sometimes even the people closest to us may challenge the choices that we make for ourselves. While they mean well, one’s future cannot be defined by them. You create that definition yourself.

Another factor why Record of Youth is worth your time are the characters in the story. Park Bogum and Park So Dam are both amazing actors who will surely catch your attention with their roles.

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TVN 드라마

Journey with them as they experience their youth, their pursuit of success and the romance or heartaches that may come along the way.

“Record of Youth” airs every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix.

Here is the video of Park Bogum and Park So Dam inviting you to watch their show. Enjoy!

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