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K-drama review: 10 Facts about “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” that will leave you in awe

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a 2019 KBS Korean drama with the genre of fantasy and romance. It aired from May 22 to July 11; with total of 16 episodes. The lead cast members include Kim Myungsoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Bo Mi, Do Ji Won, and Kim In Kwon.

Meanwhile, its story tells about an optimistic and cheerful angel named Dan who has a last mission before he heads to the eternal life in Heaven. This mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo; a ballerina who lives in sorrow that makes her not to believe in love.

Moreover, for the whole three days that I’ve watched this drama, it never fails in making a connection with me as a viewer. It seems like it badly wanted to open my mind more regarding the deep and truthful societal issues and problems today.

However, it cannot be denied that this is not a light K-drama. In fact, it will make you cry so hard for how many times; yet, it will also make you laugh, enlightened, and fall in love. Mixed emotions were felt and experienced as for me. If this drama will be described in one word, “great” may even still be understatement. Want to know why?

Below are the 10 facts about Angel’s Last Mission: Love that will leave you in awe.

1. Impressive content and theme execution

Angel’s Last Mission: Love’s content and theme execution complimented well the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Although it talks a lot about the deep and truthful societal issues and problems today, it has never forgotten to focus on the main topic. It’s so impressive because the writer did an awesome work on keeping mind all the details. Subsequently, the drama is so great to watch because there has never been dull moments at all.

Additionally, the thrill, suspense, and fun are all present in the drama. You’ll get curious what will happen next to the characters; then, you’ll find yourself unraveling the truth behind their secrets and back stories. Guess what! Plot twists are all over this drama. Overall, I can totally say that it left a great impact on me as a viewer and individual.

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2. Incomparable acting skills of its actors and actresses

All the actors and actresses of Angel’s Last Mission: Love made a great contribution by portraying their roles that well. Truth to be told, their acting skills are so effective to show each of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses. From the main leads to the supporting ones; all of them are excellent which helped well in making the drama incomparable.

Shin Hye Sun did an amazing part by giving us goosebumps in every side of her character that has been shown. In addition, it’s so impressive how she dances well as a ballerina. She shines even more while doing that. When Kim Dan said that her performance is beautiful, it really is.

As for Kim Myungsoo, it has been clearly shown how much he developed as an actor now. Being a fan of him, I’ve seen him in various dramas and it makes me extra proud seeing all his acting development. It’s so hard for me not to babble; “Ang cute ni Myungsoo,” “They look so good together,” “I’m more than proud of him,” and more. Additionally, it’s so hard not to smile because of his and Shin Hye Sun’s charms.

3. Relatable characters

Angel’s Last Mission: Love has these relatable characters; whom sometimes portray you, me, and others. It was a great choice to have relatable characters as the drama easily communicates to its viewers. Some of them has experienced character development; while some didn’t, just like how it actually happens in life sometimes.

On the other hand, I really like it too that Lee Yeon Seo was characterized as a strong woman. However, it wasn’t forgotten that we’re still human and has incapabilities and weaknesses. Then, perfectly giving us a strong woman with a soft heart inside; who can be weak and make mistakes.

4. Heart-wrenching and heartwarming lines that carry out the theme and life lessons

Angel’s Last Mission: Love has perfectly made used the heart-wrenching and heartwarming lines to convey the theme and life lessons. It will make you cry, laugh, fall in love, be enlightened, and reflect.

Personally, it helped me well to understand people much deeper on why they desperately do cruel things. However, it doesn’t mean that we should look up on them and imitate their wrongdoings. On the other hand, it doesn’t give us the right to judge or look down on them. We are humans who commit mistake. Sometimes, we even do the same mistakes. For what? To be happy? Yet, some of us barely perceive that real happiness cannot be gained when the root of it is connected to wickedness. Nevertheless, it will never be too late to realize it, reflect, repent, and change for the good.

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“Throw every kind or shape of evils. Greed gives birth to sin. When it’s full-grown, it gives birth to death.” Kim Dan

“If we do not have much time left. Then, I will love him even more so that I won’t regret anything.” Lee Yeon Seo

“I sent my report up there, and I prayed too. I haven’t received a definite answer yet, but I will wait and keep going.” Kim Dan

“So, please don’t give up. A miracle may happen.” Ji Kang Woo

5. Substantial perception of love

It has been mentioned even in the title that the mission of the angel here is about “love”. What kind of love? To whom? Apparently, we all know that it is for the lead character, Lee Yeon Seo. However, the more you get attached to this drama, you’ll realize even better that it also applies to everyone.

Wherein, it tackles different love that we might feel, give, and/or receive. First, love in romantic way. It is the love you take, give, and experience when you’re in a relationship.  Second, pure love. It is the love that wishes the best for the other person; no harm, just full of purity and sincerity. Third, love of God. We may not be able to feel it sometimes for some reasons but He never gets tired of loving, caring, forgiving, and being there for us.

Love is kind, patient, and forgiving. Love gives peace.

6. Good reminder that communication is nothing without comprehension

Angel’s Last Mission: Love has carried out well the fact that communication is nothing without comprehension. No matter how much you try to communicate with others, it will only go to waste if one or both of you is/are not open to comprehend things well.

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Saying that, practicing comprehension is such a great thing. Listening without judgment is important too.

7. Soothing OSTs

All of the original sound tracks of this drama has its own uniqueness and beauty. Indeed, all refreshing and soothing to the ears. Below are my favorite ones.

Video credits to Jess Penner, Angel’s Last Mission: Love, and KBS

8. Outstanding cinematography

Angel’s Last Mission: Love became so enjoyable to watch as well because of its outstanding cinematography. It wasn’t just seen in some parts of the drama but from the beginning ’til end.

9. Exceptional presentation of ballet as an art

Did you know that Korea Ballet Association President Park Jae Hong honored a plaque of appreciation to Angel’s Last Mission: Love? The President expressed his gratitude for raising the awareness of ballet through the drama.

In fact, the whole cast, crew, and staff have really done a great job to let people know about ballet and its beauty. Personally, I really like their performances and how they convey the message to their audience.

10. Satisfying ending

Angel’s Last Mission: Love has given us the ending that is both reasonable and satisfying. Things and other scenes were not forced to happen. There’s no doubt why people are so in love and attached to this drama.

Summing up, Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a great K-drama that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are even more life lessons that you’ll take from it. Subsequently, it has a good plot, content, and theme you’ll get connected with. Thus, making it easy for the viewers to interpret the messages.

As I have said, the actors and actresses made an exceptional part, to even touch a viewer’s heart like mine. There has been painful scenes but the joy and realizations it has sent me are no joke.

Finally, the effort and work of the crew and staff are all visible. With that, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the whole team of Angel’s Last Mission: Love.

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