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30 K-dramas with K-pop idols as lead characters with plot summary

Korean idols are popular around the world because of their incomparable singing and dancing skills. However, their talents does not end there. In fact, some of them can even play instruments and/or sports.

Moreover, several of these K-pop idols can also act on screen! Wherein, you can even forget that they’re idols and not actors.

Have you ever watched a Korean drama with K-pop idol/s as lead character/s? Whether the answer is yes or no, we would like to recommend 30 drama titles for all of you. So, you can much recognize their great talent beyond expectation! Additionally, the story line of these series are also good to consider.

Ready your pen and paper, mga bes! Below is the list of 30 K-dramas with K-pop idol/s as lead character/s.

1. Angel’s Last Mission: Love starring INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo

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Angel’s Last Mission: Love is about an optimistic and cheerful angel named Dan who has a last mission before heading to the eternal life in Heaven. This mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo; a ballerina who lives in sorrow that makes her not to believe in love.

2. Let’s Fight, Ghost starring 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon

Let’s Fight, Ghost tells the story of Park Bong Pal who has the ability to see ghosts. In which, he made use of this power to make money. Thereafter, he met Kim Hyun Ji who became a wandering spirit.

3. Save Me starring 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon

Save Me tells the story of four unemployed young men who face and run to rescue a woman; who apparently is being surrounded by suspicious and whispers, “Save me.” Thereafter, it was revealed that she’s trapped in some kind of religious cult.

4. The Village: Achiara’s Secret starring BTOB’s Sungjae

The Village: Achiara’s Secret tells the story of a village called Achiara which is known for being peaceful with nearly zero crime. Later on, the ugliness and secrets of the idyllic village were revealed.

5. Hwarang starring ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik, BTS’ V, and SHINee’s Choi Min Ho

Hwarang tackles the topic about the culture, tradition, and values in Korea’s Three Kingdoms era; while highlighting the sacrifices of people from the ruling line who are really dedicated on their job for their jurisdiction, and the hardships of individuals who are from the lower class.

6. Rich Man starring EXO’s Suho

Rich Man tells the story of an arrogant genius programmer and CEO of the IT company Next In, diagnosed with facial recognition disability; wherein, he can’t even recognize the face of his first love. Then, a college student with an inborn ability to memorize things, afterwards hired by the CEO to help him with a project.

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7. My ID is Gangnam Beauty starring ASTRO’s Cha Eun Wo

My ID is Gangnam Beauty tells the story of a woman who decided to get plastic surgery after being bullied because of her looks which isn’t good enough to the beauty standards of society. However, she’s still being bullied at university labeling her as “Gangnam beauty”. Then, a handsome and intelligent but a distant classmate of her helped her to gain self-esteem.

8. My First Love starring CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin

My First Love tells the story of a high school mathematics teacher who cannot forget his first love from 10 years ago. He was given the opportunity to travel to the past when he was a high school student. However, he struggles to win the love he wanted.

9. Secret Queen Makers starring EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun, 2PM’s Chansung, and Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Secret Queen Makers tells the story of the geeky travel agent who has confidence issues with her appearance. Later on, she will be helped by six men at Lotte Duty Free stores.

10. It’s Okay, That’s Love starring EXO’s D.O.

It’s Okay, That’s Love tells the story of a mystery writer and DJ who suffers from obsession.

11. EXO Next Door starring EXO members

EXO Next Door tells the story of an introvert woman who lives next door where EXO members move into.

12. While You Were Sleeping starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy

While You Were Sleeping tells the story of a journalist who has the ability to see the future events.

13. Vagabond starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy

Vagabond is about Cha Dal Gun who gets involved in a plane crash investigation. Then, he begins to dig up information on the country’s corruption. Meanwhile, Go Hae Ri is an agent who chose the life of a civil servant to support her family.

14. Uncontrollably Fond starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy

Uncontrollably Fond is about two classmates who were separated during their teenage years because of an ill-fated relationship. However, they’ll meet each other again in adulthood.

15. Dream High starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy, T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung, and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon

Dream High tells the story of six students studying at Kirin High School who shares the same dream to become K-pop idols.

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16. A Cyborg in Love starring Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

A Cyborg in Love tells the story of a cyborg woman who has been programmed to shut down as she falls in love.

17. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung starring ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung will tell the story of the female historians at the palace during 19th century. It tackles about gender equality, social status, and the role of women during that time. It will also tell the romance between a female historian and the crown prince.

18. Seven First Kisses starring EXO’s Kai and 2PM’s Taecyeon

Min Soo-jin is a Lotte Duty Free store employee who has never been in a relationship before. One day, she meets with the goddess of date who grants her an attempt to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among seven men. Her options are firstly, a religious tech billionaire. Second, a serious yet romantic boss. Third, a sexy secret agent. Fourth, an adorable younger male friend. Fifth, an innocent chaebol heir. Sixth, a beloved k-idol. Finally, a free-spirited travel writer.

19. Be Positive starring EXO’s D.O.

A story about a film major who is preparing for his graduation project as a movie director. His script wins a grand prize. However, he faces difficulty after difficulty while trying to finalize the film. He asks his ex-girlfriend to play the main role in his production. She is understandably surprised at his bold request. Yet, in any case, she agreed.

20. The Universe’s Star starring EXO’s Suho

The Universe’s Star is a love story between a gifted singer-songwriter and a 19-year-old student who becomes the Grim Reaper after dying in an accident.

21. Touching You starring 2PM’s Taecyeon

Touching You is about a man on a mission. He has the ability to see the future; who is tasked to watch over and protect a beautiful aspiring makeup artist who has death looming over her.

22. Boys Over Flowers starring SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong

The series follows the story of an average girl who gets involved in the lives of an arrogant rich boy and his friends. It is based in the Japanese Manga Series Hana Yori Dango written by Yoko Kamio. The drama is the fifth television adaptation of the manga following the Taiwanese Meteor Gardenand its sequel Meteor Garden II, Japanese Hana Yori Dango, and its sequel Hana Yori Dango II.

23. 38 Task Force starring Girl’s Generation’s Choi Soo Young

38 Task Force tells the story of special task force who collect taxes from habitual tax evaders as well as delinquent taxpayers. Accordingly, they’ll be cooperating with a fraud.

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24. Big starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy and Cross Gene’s Shin Won Ho

Big is a story of an 18-year-old boy spirit which suddenly finds itself in the body of 30-year-old man.

25. Defendant starring Girl’s Generation’s Yuri

Defendant tells the story of a prosecutor who wakes up as a convict on a death row.

26. Cinderella and the Four Knights starring Apink’s Son Na Eun and CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Shin

Eun Ha Won has been through some rough patches in her life. With a father who disowns her and a cruel stepmother and sister left to live with, the odds seem to not always be in her favor. Despite her struggles,  Ha won grew up to be a strong-willed, independent woman who got entangled into the lives of Kang Ji Woon, Kang Hyung-Min, and Kang Seo Woo a.k.a. the Kang Cousins and their ever-reliable bodyguard Lee Yoon-Sung.

27. Prime Minister and I starring Girl’s Generation’s Im Yoon Ah

Prime Minister and I tells the story of a prime minister who works well but struggles so much in raising his three children alone. Then, a dedicated reporter yet always misses big news. Later on, their path will cross.

28. Hi! School: Love On starring INFINITE’s Nam Woo Hyun and Lee Sung Yeol

Hi! School: Love On tells the story of an angel who is sent to Earth with a mission. She needs to look after a guy teenager who lives with his grandmother carrying emotional scars with him after he gets abandoned by his parents.

29. Ruler: Master of the Mask starring INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo

Ruler: Master of the Mask is about a Joseon prince who is forced to hide his face with a mask. He fights against injustice in society by going up against a shadow organization wanting to privatize the waters of Joseon.

30. Medical Top Team starring SHINee’s Choi Min Ho

Medical Top Team tells the story of the best team of doctors treating their patients.

Among the recommended K-dramas in the list, which one is your most favorite? How many from these 30 dramas have you watched already? Feel free to share your feels with us, mga bes!

Overall, there are still more K-dramas out there starring K-pop idols. All of these series are seriously must watch! It doesn’t just convey messages but it also feature the amusing acting skills of idols.

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