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Park Bo Gum Asia Tour ‘Good Day’: Here’s What To Expect on His First Ever Fanmeeting Here In Manila

South Korean actor and singer Park Bo Gum is finally having his first fanmeeting here in Manila on June 22, 2019. His Filipino fans are very much excited as the actor prepares so many activities and performances for this special event.

Feeling Excited? Here’s what you can expect on his upcoming Manila fanmeeting:

● Fan Interactions

Ofcourse, Fans are really hoping for a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with their idol/s and that’s what fanmeetings are all about.

[Credits to the Owner | Source: Pinterest]

● Be Serenaded By Park Bo Gum Himself

As a Dalagang Pilipina (Yes! Let’s claim it bes! ^^), we are fond of getting serenaded by someone especially from the one we admire the most. Aside from being a versatile actor, he is known for having an angelic voice and talented when it comes to playing a musical instrument. Prepare your hearts mga bes!

[Credits to the Owner | Source: Pinterest]

● Meeting Your Co-Fans

Being a fan isn’t just about you and your idol. Ofcourse, Fangirl-ing/Fanboy-ing is more fun with your co-fans surrounding you. Don’t be shy and make friends with your fellow fans at the venue. Who knows, you might find your BFF that you’ve been looking for ever since. 😊

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[Credits to: tvN]

● Fun Activities with Park Bo Gum

We’d love to see the reactions of Park Bo Gum while playing games with the lucky fans on stage, how will he interact with them and who knows they might brought some filipino dishes for Bo Gum to taste.

[Credits to Blossom Entertainment]

● The ‘Beautiful and Sophisticated’ Host of the Event

I’m sure that this fanmeet will be one of the most memorable event in 2019 as our fellow fangirl, Ms. Anne Curtis-Smith will be hosting the said event. Exciting, diba?

● The Much-Awaited Hi-Touch with Park Bo Gum

This is definitely one of the main highlights of Bo Gum’s fanmeet. Every fan is very much excited to do the Hi-Touch with the one and only Park Bo Gum. We’re surely going to be ‘blessed’ after this!

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[Credits to the Owner | Source: Pinterest]

Are y’all excited, mga bes? So, if you haven’t secured your tickets, make sure to grab them now. Click HERE for more details.

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