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B1A4’s Sandeul lends his voice for ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ OST

B1A4‘s main vocalist and MBC Starry Night DJ — Sandeul lends his beautiful voice once again for a new K-Drama OST.

His new song 날아올라 (Fly Out – literal translation) is an OST of the ongoing K-drama ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’. The drama tells about the story of a cold-hearted boss who find his true identity and learn to respect other people after losing his sight.

Sandeul’s soothing voice gives life to the drama’s OST just like his previous songs in other shows such as ‘Swallowing My Heart’ of the drama ‘Love in the Moonlight’, One More Step (Introverted Boss), Tell Me (Manhole), Here I Am (Lovely Horribly) and many more.

You can also listen to the whole track here or thru Melon.

Meanwhile, Sandeul is preparing for his solo comeback in June. This will be his second solo album after releasing ‘Stay As You Are’ in 2016.

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