Road To 7 Years: A Journey With B1A4

As we are celebrating their 7th Anniversary, we are taking you back to where it all started.
Let’s reminisce from their humble beginnings and see how much they’ve grown from being rookies to legends.

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It’s been 7 years since B1A4, an all-male korean idol group with 5 members has been introduced to the K-pop world. The members, namely Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan were revealed in a very creative way—through webtoon.
Since then, they became one of the respected idol groups in the industry. They’ve captured the hearts of the k-fans through their charms and beautiful voices.

As we are celebrating their 7th Anniversary, we are taking you back to where it all started.

Let’s reminisce from their humble beginnings and see how much they’ve grown from being rookies to legends.

(APRIL 2011)

Photos By: B1A4 OFFICIAL / WM Entertainment

This is their official debut album with the title track “O.K” which made the fans groove with it’s catchy beat. The rap parts were all written by Baro. The album itself was produced by Lee Sang-ho.

Lim Sang-hyuk (Beast’s Main Songwriter) and Jeong Da-woon (K-Will’s Main Songwriter) participated in songwriting alongside with Jinyoung and the other members. Singer Wheesung also participated in this album and wrote ‘Only Learned Bad Things’ which is their second single from this album.

You can watch the official M/V of “O.K” here:

“Only Learned Bad Things” M/V:



This is their 2nd mini album and I considered it as one of my favorite B1A4 albums. I really like the main track entitled “Beautiful Target” that was written by CNU and Baro. The second single was entitled “My Love”. The concept of this album is very bright which is very attracting to the fans.

You can watch the official M/V of “Beautiful Target” here:

(MARCH 2012)

Photos By: B1A4 OFFICAL WEBSITE / WM Entertainment

It is their first full-length album and it also has two main tracks entitled “The Time is Over” and “Baby I’m Sorry” which is written and composed by Jinyoung and Baro themselves. On May 2012, a special edition of this album was released and it has a new main track entitled “Baby Goodnight” and also written by Jinyoung and Baro.

“Baby I’m Sorry” M/V:

“Baby, Good Night” M/V:


Photo By: B1A4 OFFICAL WEBSITE / WM Entertainment

This is the 3rd mini album of B1A4 with “Tried To Walk” as their title-track. The album consists of two tracks featuring two girl-group members, Suzy of Miss A and JeA of Brown Eyed Girls. In this album, Jinyoung and the other members (especially Baro), are more hands-on when they produced this album.

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And have you noticed Baro’s pink hair? I think this is his first time that he used bright colors for his hair. (Correct me if I’m wrong. ^^)

You can watch the flowery and dramatic of “Tried To Walk” M/V here:

(MAY 2013)

Photo By: B1A4 OFFICAL WEBSITE / WM Entertainment

Okay, I need to write this to calm myself down. (lol!) I actually got goosebumps right now while typing. I admit, I’m still not a fan of them during this promotion. And I wished that I was there because this era is very special to our boy. Any guesses? Well, it’s because this was B1A4’s first ever music show win with their new mini album with title-track “What’s Happening?”. To be honest, this is their first song that I heard before I became a Bana. I’m actually not a fan of upbeat or EDM type of music but I found it really catchy that time. So, when I became a Bana, I downloaded the whole album and take a good listen to it. It’s actually an awesome album. “Yesterday” is my second favorite track from this album and you might want to listen to it too. ^^

And of course, for those who missed their winning performance, you may watch it here:

(JANUARY 2014)

Photo By: B1A4 OFFICAL WEBSITE / WM Entertainment

After two mini albums, B1A4 released their second full-length album with the title-track “Lonely”. I considered this album as one of my favorite because of the concept and the music, ofcourse. Their concept was like introducing themselves to their fans, getting to know them more. For me, this album has the best concept so far. “Lonely” is also famous for it’s iconic dance steps where the members used a scarf as their props. Aside from Jinyoung, CNU also participated in songwriting and producing. He, in fact, composed three tracks from this album entitled “Amazing”, “Drunk With Music” and “Seoul”.

To know more about the album, you can watch their 1theK’s CSI Interview as they tackle and share their thoughts about this album. Here’s the link:

And I’m suggesting that you watch their live performance to see their iconic dance steps ^^
You can watch it here:

(JULY 2014)

Photos By: B1A4 OFFICAL WEBSITE / WM Entertainment

Summer is here! And if you’re looking for a summer jam, their 5th mini album is the most perfect choice.

It’s title-track “Solo Day” is indeed made the summer even hotter with it’s catchy beat and the extraordinary music video. It makes you wish to spend a summer with our boys.

This era was also the start of their ‘Road Trip’ world tour and the very first time to meet their Filipino Banas last September 6, 2014 held at the Araneta Coliseum.
And ofcourse, we will never forget our Sandeul’s blonde hair. Too cute to handle. ^^

Watch the ‘Out of this world’ concept of “Solo Day” ‘s M/V:

(AUGUST 2015)

Prepare yourselves again because this era will surely make you fall for our boys for the nth time. This era is, I think, their most iconic ever. It’s like the summer has extended that time. With their 6th mini album, the boys had a sexy and manly concept with the title-track “Sweet Girl” written and composed by Jinyoung and Baro.

Can someone please tell me how to calm down? That ‘See-Through’ shirt of CNU is killing me again. And Gongchan’s hair was like ‘Baby, please be mine…’
These boys really knows the weaknesses of their BANAs. Like OMG! <3

Their ‘”Sweet Girl” M/V will make you fall for them even more.
You can watch it here:



It was indeed a good timing for B1A4 during this era. It seems like a brand new version of B1A4 has been unleashed. From the dramatic concept, heartbreaking yet a very nice title-track “A Lie” and ofcourse, the new sophisticated ‘Red Short Hair’ of CNU that captured my heart (LOL!).

During his interview with Soompi, Sandeul commented that ‘A Lie’ was from Jinyoung’s past experiences from his lovelife which Jinyoung denied. Who knows, right? Maybe Sandeul is telling us the truth. (HAHA!)

Watch the heartbreaking M/V of “A Lie” here:



Finally, their latest comeback with their 7th mini album with the title-track, “Rollin”. As I’ve said before, I’m not into EDM type of music but B1A4 has it’s own ways of making me eat my own words. (HAHA!)

I love this era because it makes me feel going back to their past eras when they had EDM songs and colorful concepts. Well, except for CNU’s short blonde hair that made my “marupok” heart fluttered again. And for the first time, Sandeul wrote a song for this album entitled “Like A Child”.

You can watch the ‘Rollin’ M/V right here:

So there you have it. I’m pretty sure that after reading this article and watching those M/Vs, you will leave this site with a smile and a goal to get to know them more. Well, we can’t blame you. These adorable boys are too lovable and worth stanning for.

Once again, Happy 7th Anniversary to my beloved B1A4!

And yes, I’m celebrating my 1 year and 8th months of being a BANA. Just to share with you all, I’ve become a BANA last August 23, 2016 and since then, they have a very special place in my heart that no one can ever replace. My fangirling life will never be the same without them. (

P.S. Sorry for the pic though. HAHA! I feel like I needed to share these precious moments to all of you. HAHAH! Pagbigyan nyo na, mga bes! <3

Written by: Jess

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