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B1A4’s Sandeul impresses with a live highlight medley for his 2nd mini album

B1A4‘s Sandeul has once again proved that he deserves all the singing awards he has swept for his excellent vocals.

On May 31, WM Entertainment released the highlight medley for Sandeul’s 2nd mini album. But unlike the usual teaser, the video features a live band and Sandeul singing to some parts of the tracks from his album. Watch him as he steals the hearts of many:

Sandeul’s new album is composed of six songs and some of it were composed by himself and B1A4’s CNU.

It shows that Sandeul is not just good in singing but also in song writing. His title track ‘One Fine Day’ will surely move the hearts of its listeners. Let us all support his comeback on June 3!

We’re opening a pre-order for his new album and will personally buy it in Korea. Here’s the order form.

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