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17 K-drama OSTs of 2018 that got stuck in our head

Among 2018 OSTs, which is your most favorite?

Korean dramas are known all over the world because of its unique story line, great scene execution, exceptional acting skills of the actors and actresses, and of course, its original sound tracks which never fail to give the K-drama fans different emotions and sensation.

What’s more interesting about OSTs, each of these has its own way in capturing the viewers’ heart; some is through sweet melody, romantic ballad, emotional tune, up-tempo, there’s this intense beat as well, and more. With various genre and music beat presented, it cannot be denied that all of these sound tracks have perfectly matched to the theme of each K-drama. These tracks surely has a big role in making each series captivating and memorable one for everyone!

Here are 17 K-drama OSTs of 2018 that got stuck in our head which are surely must-listen songs:

1. When I Saw You by Bumkey – Hwayugi

2. Something by George and Gang Haein – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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3. Hard for Me by CHEEZE – Rich Man

4. Someday, Somehow by U-mb5 ft. Hodge – Miss Hammurabi

5. Take Me On by SALTNPAPER – Encounter

6. Because I Only See You – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

7. Stay by Jong Eun Ji – Suits

8. Aurora by Savina & Drones – Just Between Lovers

9. Cosmo by Huh Gak – Clean with Passion for Now

10. At the Usual Time by Youngjae – Wok of Love

11. Someone Like You by EXO CBX – Live

12. Waikiki Wonderland by Ulala Session – Go Go Waikiki

13. Love by Lyn – Are You Human Too?

14. Our Shining Days by Various Romance – Radio Romance

15. Is This Love? by VIXX – Are You Human Too?

16. Cloud by Rothy – The Beauty Inside

17. Amazing Thing by Kim Ez – About Time

Have these sound tracks keep you feeling LSS? Among 2018 OSTs, what’s your most favorite one? Share your thoughts below, mga bes!

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