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5 completed kdramas in 2019 you can watch if you want to feel in love

Are you looking for kdramas aired in 2019 that will give you butterflies and will make your heart thump without even realizing it? If yes, here are 5 recently completed korean series that you can watch if you want to feel in love.

1.) Touch Your Heart

A story about an actress and a lawyer who fell in love with each other after the actress spent 3 months of internship as the lawyer’s secretary.

2.) Encounter

A story about two completely different people who met and fall in love. The story focused on how they overcome each other’s differences for love.

3.) The Light In Your Eyes

A story about a man who wanted to be a reporter but things got different when he got involved with a woman who can manipulate time.

4.) Romance Is A Bonus Book

A story about two people who works in the publishing field.

5.) He Is Psychometric

A story about a man who has the ability to read a person or an object’s past through physical contact. Together with her girl friend, they will take down bad guys.

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  1. Super agree with Touch Your Heart…Because of this Kdrama I again feel the feeling of being in love…Keep on rewatching like 6times and every now and then rewatching the episodes I super like…and my first to time to ship a Kdrama couple, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na.

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