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LOOK: Seo In-guk is Actually a Singer and Here are His 20 Songs to Prove it

Many are still surprised whenever they learn that Seo In-guk actually debuted as a singer before he became a well-loved actor.

But actually…

In-guk debuted as singer in 2009 after winning the first installation of Mnet’s “Superstar K“. After winning, he then released a few singles and promoted as a solo artist for a while. It was in 2012 when he debuted  as an actor in the drama “Love Rain” when people started recognizing him more as an actor due to his apparent prowess in acting. This acting role was followed by his role in the drama “Reply 1997” which cemented his name as an actor.

His two-year hiatus

While busy in his life as an actor, Seo In-guk continuously released songs from time to time. He even released an album for his fans before his planned military enlistment in 2017. Unfortunately, In-guk was wrapped by issues after he was discharged and exempted from military service after he was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans (a bone and cartilage condition). The public did not receive it well and accused him of faking it to excuse himself from military service. 

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… and He’s back!

Two years later and a new agency (Story J Company), Seo In-guk is back in the entertainment scene. Recently, his company posted a picture of him on his fan meeting in Japan.

Now if you are a fan of actor Seo In-guk but not yet a fan of singer Seo In-guk, here is a playlist of some of his songs that you can start listening to right now:

Songs you must listen to playlist:

1. Calling You

2. 사랑해 U ( Love U)

3. Seasons of the Heart

4. Tease me

5. 애기야 (Baby U)

6. All for you (w/ Jung Eunji) [Reply 1997 OST]

7. Bebe

8. Bomtanaba (Mellow Spring)

9. With Laughter or with Tears

10. Better Together

11. No Matter What (Master’s Sun OST)

12. Finding Myself (High School King of Savvy OST)

13. Shake it up

14. OMG

15. Mint Chocolate

16. 너 땜에 못살아 (All I want is you) (Ft. Verbal Jint)

17. Still Our Love Continue (w/ Jung Eunji) [Reply 1997 OST]

18. Broken

19. Flower (Tomorrow with You OST)

20. 별, 우리 (Star) (w/ Jung So min) [Smile that Left your Eyes OST]

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  1. #SeoInGuk sings so well that I immediately fell in love with his voice. Of course, i became a fan of SeoInGuk the actor first…RememberMe/HelloMonster to be exact.

  2. He is definitely an amazing singer and actor. No doubt about his talent. He is such a great person.

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