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Memorable Moms In Kdrama

In celebration of Mother’s Day let’s appreciate the mothers we have encountered in kdrama, both the good and the bad. Hence, let’s all look back at some of the most memorable kdrama moms who left a deep impression on us.

1.) The Moms living in the street of Ssangmundong.

The stay at home mothers of Ssangmundong in “Reply 1988”. They are the typical mothers who strive everyday to raise their children. They are fun and loving and will really make sure that they are giving their best for their family.

2.) The moms living the exclusive village of Sky Castle.

The mothers living the exclusive village of Sky Castle. If you’ve watched Sky Castle, you probably know why these mothers are included in the list of memorable moms in kdrama. They each played a vital role in the success of the show. These mothers will literally do anything for the sake of the children. LITERALLY ANYTHING.

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3.) Jang Nara as a mom in kdrama.

Jang Nara’s mother role in the series’ “Fated To Love You” and “Go Back Couple”. She portrayed a loving mother image beautifully. She fits the role of being a good mother.

4.) Gu Jun Pyo’s mom.

There are many evil mothers in kdrama land but the most memorable one is Gu Jun Pyo’s mom. She did awful things to her children, even going to the extent of manipulating their love life. But in the end, a mother’s love will win. Right?

5.) The lovable mother, Kim Mi Kyung!

Kim Mi Kyung is known for her mother roles in kdrama. If you watch a ton of dramas, you’ll notice that she plays “strict but awesome mother” type of parent in kdramas.

Who is your favorite kdrama mom?

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