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Korean movies that you can binge-watch this weekend show how important our “Appa” in our lives! #HappyFathersDay

Looking for something to binge-watch this Father's day weekend? Read more!

First of all, happy father’s day to your Appa, Harabeoji, Samcheon and to all of our readers and followers who’s a proud dad to their son and daughters just like the main characters of these k-flicks that I will recommend to you.

Today is a very special day indeed. Since it’s pandemic and our safety and health are the utmost priority, most of us chose to stay at home this weekend.

Are you one of them, Bes? If yes, then a movie marathon is one of the best ways that you can do to celebrate the father’s day with your family.

Let’s start with Daddy You, Daughter Me starring Jung So-min and Yoon Je-moon. It tells the story of a father and daughter with a not-so-sweet relationship with each other until one day, they suddenly switched bodies.

Credits to Megabox Plus M

You can watch the teaser here:

Next to our list is Be With You starring Son Ye-jin and So Ji-sub. This is actually one of my favorites even though I watched it many times. Now, thanks to Netflix I can re-watch it with my family for the nth time. This movie is now available for streaming!

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Credits to Lotte Entertainment

It tells the story of a hardworking single father Woo-jin (So Ji-sub) living with his only son after her wife Soo-ah (Son Ye-jin) died. Soo-ah made an unrealistic yet heartwarming promise that she will return exactly one year later at the start of the rainy season. Their son also holds on to that promise. Unexpectedly, Soo-ah did return but she has no memories of Woo-jin and their son. That’s when the story begins. Watch out for the plot-twist and unexpected too! 😍

You can watch the teaser here:

Our next movie here is a bit a different in genre compared to the first two movies above. It’s a fantasy/action-packed but still shows how a father would do anything to protect his daughter from bad guys. It is called Psychokinesis starring Ryu Seung-ryong and Shim Eun-kyung with Kim Min-jae and Jung Yu-mi.

Credits to Next Entertainment World

It tells the story of Seok-hon and his estranged daughter Roo-mi. Seok-hon is living separately from his wife and daughter and works as a security guard. He seems contented with his present life until an unexpected circumstances occurs when Roo-mi’s mother gets killed during a clash between the goons that want to take chicken restaurant off the scene.

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Upon hearing the news, he plans to return to his daughter. But all of a sudden, he gains telekinetic powers after he drinks water from a mountain spring hit by the meteor. And so that goes on…

It’s actually very entertaining and some characters are funny as well. A good and heartwarming story with a twist. And guess what? It’s available to stream in Netflix as well!

You can watch the teaser here:

So, that concludes my movie recommendations for Appa day! We have to spend time on bonding and catching up with our parents especially with our fathers as well.

Do you have any personal K-movie or Asian movie faves with the same theme/genre that you’d like to recommend to us and your co-fans? Feel free to drop them on the comment section below!

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