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10 Uncles Who Visited the Kids of ‘The Return Of Superman’ Between 2017-2018

The kids from The Return Of Superman (TROS) sometimes get a surprise popular visitor! From popular Actors and Actresses to K-POP Groups the kids were lucky to spend some time with these popular stars.

Take a look at some of these 삼촌 ( Samchon/Uncle) who visited the children from the 7 families between the years 2017 and 2018!

Rohee gets to play with Park Gwanghyun’s Daughter, Haon, and Shin Dongho’s son, Ahsel (January 2017)

Father and Daughter, Taeyoung and Rohee gets to prepare treats for their lovely visitor, Actor Park Gwanghyun with his daughter, Haon! Aside from Gwanghyun, Taeyoung unexpectedly invites former UKISS member, Dongho to drop by with his son, Ahsel. The playdate became a good talk for the doting fathers too! Check their encounter here:

G-Dragon visits the Choos (March 2017)

When Sarang was still on the show, she loved dancing to BIGBANG songs. Luckily, BIGBANG’s Leader, G-Dragon pays a visit to the Choo family and plays around with the adorable Sarang! You may watch the shy GD who can’t contain his feelings over Sarang’s cuteness here:

Soeul and Daeul gets squishy drinks with Rain (May 2017)

Before graduating from the show, Soeul and Daeul siblings went with their mom to surprise their father at work. However, the kids were also surprised to meet the superstar and soon to be father, Rain! He even played and got some refreshing juice with the children during the episode. Get to watch the episode below:

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CN BLUE’S Jung Yonghwa’s unexpected meet-up with the Lee Twins (June 2017)

Lee Hwijae made the twins, Seojun and Seoeon ran an errand for him and bought some snacks for themselves. When they were about to go back home, the rain started pouring making the twins stranded. Thankfully, CN BLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa saw Seojun and assisted them to go home safely! Look at the sweet encounter here:

Hollywood Star, Steven Yeun, spends the day with William (August 2017)

When Steven Yeun visited the Hammingtons, William’s father, Sam couldn’t contain his happiness to meet The Walking Dead and Okja star. Steven, a new father back then, played with William while he learns parenting tips from Sam. He even took the Hammingtons on a Korean Sauna for fun time! Watch it here:

Lee Dongwook’s reunion with the Seol-Su-Dae Siblings (November 2017)

It has been known that Lee Dong Wook is one of Seola, Sua, and Daebak Sian’s favorite samchon (Uncle). Finally, the Seol-Su-Dae trio gets to have lunch with their Dongwook samchon! Donggook and the kids even wore a costume basing from Goblin, the drama where Dongwook played the role of a Grimreaper. Take a look when Dongwook reunites with the trio here:

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Taiwanese Actor Jasper Liu (Liu Yihao) meets Sungjae (June 2018)

Ko Jiyong’s son, Sungjae, met the Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu when he visited Korea for the first time. Jasper Liu was actually a fan of Sungjae due to the show’s popularity in Taiwan, and he was invited by Jiyong to meet Sungjae for the very first time! Catch their cute encounter here:

William and Bentley Visits YG Cafeteria with Byungjae (June 2018)

When the Hammingtons went to Byungjae’s place, William and Bentley get to play with him! William even tried to pull a cute prank over Byungjae. The Hammingtons were brought to the popular YG Cafeteria by Byungjae to grab some treats. William even gets to meet a popular YG artist! Check it here:

god’s Son Hoyoung visits Sungjae as his dad (December 2018)

Little Sungjae onces asked his dad, Jiyong to become a little nicer when he disciplines him. Known as an expert with kids, Jiyong invited god’s Son Hoyoung to pretend as him and spent some time with Sungjae. Watch their lovely encounter below:

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EXO’s Kai and Chanyeol does a charity event with Naeun and Gunhoo (December 2018)

Park siblings went to Seoul to prepare for a ‘project.’ When the two kids entered the venue, they were greeted with an adorable Snowman and a tall Christmas tree! Turns out, it is EXO’s Kai and Chanyeol! The two idols get to spend some fun time together singing, playing, and eating with the two siblings! Who can’t forget the idols’ expression upon meeting Naeun? Watch their cute interaction below:

How lucky these kids can get right? Sagad sa buto ang inggit ko, mga bes! We hope to catch more samchons playing with the adorable kids from the show!

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