LOOK: What sets PH MAYs apart from the rest? – Park Jihoon in Manila Press Conference

Park Jihoon is back in Manila for his ‘First Edition’ solo fanmeeting.

Earlier of March 15 before Park Jihoon’s first solo Fanmeet in Manila, Park Jihoon held his press conference at Novotel Araneta. The press conference was hosted by Ms. Kring Elenzano-Kim.

On the first question, Park Jihoon was asked to describe his personality as a scent, he then replied that Musk scent since he has a cool personality.

Park Jihoon enjoyed watching ‘Memories of Alhambra’ as he loves romantic scenes and likes to play games and he would recommend it to his fans.

Park Jihoon can’t pick a certain genre that he would listen for the rest of his life but for food he can eat chicken breast for the rest of his life. Jihoon wants to try Parkour and he wants to make his fans ‘MAYs kilig.

Furthermore, He advised the trainees for the new season of Produce ‘Produce X 101’ to practice more and more. Aside from his nickname/title ‘Wink Boy’ he wants people to call him ‘Park Jihoon’.

Recently, due to his busy schedule, Park Jihoon can’t come to school and hew wants to see his classmates but if he has a free schedule he make sure to go to school. Jihoon was asked on what is his favorite style/fashion for spring, he said that he wants to wear comfy clothes.

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As he is now a solo artist, he said that it is harder to go solo than to be with a group but for now he wants to be stronger than before and he will try his best to achieve his goals as a soloist.

Park Jihoon wants to be an artist forever together with his fans in concerts, fanmeets ans other events. He was asked on what is the hardest adjustestment from being in a group then as a solo artist he answered that It’s a little burden as he is always alone but because of his MAYs he is really trying his best.

Wanna One members still have a group chat on KakaoTalk, they are cheering each other for their solo careers. They are also sharing their new songs including the one they wrote and composed. Jihoon asked to support all Wanna One members in their solo career.

PH MAYs smile is what we set apart from others, as Jihoon finds Filipino MAYs smile very beautiful. As of now, he do not have a new catchphrase but he will tell the MAYs first if he has a new one.

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During the release of his photos on Maroo’s website it crashed so he feels sorry for those people who can’t access the site. He assures that he will be posting more on his official SNS.

He really loves the smile of his fans. He is very happy when he see his MAYs smiling. He promised that he will do his best so he asked for supports and cheer from his fans, As he receives a lot of offers for acting projects, Park Jihoon wants to try every role that fits for him. He also said that every senior artist is his role model.

We all know that Jihoon started his career as a child actor but as he grows up after he watched the performances of K-Pop idols he then decided to be a singer also. He also want to try every drama that suits him.

He prepares a lot for his solo album and he wants to keep it secret as of now. He went to Prague to shoot for his Music Video so he is asking for support as they shoot very beautiful scenery and views in there.

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As it is his third time having a show in the Philippines, he can recall Araneta Coliseum because previously they have a fanmeet in there with Wanna One.

‘Mahal Ko Kayo’ is the Tagalog word that he learned from his previous visit in the Philippines.

He also wants to see the sunset in the Philippines since he heard that it is beautiful but because the concerts and fanmeetings are starting usually at 7PM he was not able to see the sunset.

He is very happy and a very unforgettable memory to meet his International MAYs. He also acknowledge the efforts of the fans and the fans prepared so much for the fanmeeting as they bring slogans, banners and also the fanprojects. He also prepared gifts for PH Mays for the fanmeeting,

He ended the fanmeeting by saying “Mahal Ko Kayo” again.

The show is presented by PULP Live World.

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