When four of the BIGBANG members entered the military, Seungri was left to fill his hyungs’ absences, from releasing his solo album and going on tour. Updates from the members were close to none due to the strict rules when serving in the military.

One of the most recent updates from the members would be when Taeyang and Daesung performed with Seungri at the Jisanggun Festival last October. VIPs didn’t receive any news about G-dragon after his injury and a photo during one of his night out with his friends.

G-dragon’s last Instagram post was dated February 25, 2018, two days before he officially joined the military as an active duty soldier.

And just tonight, February 11, 2019, G-Dragon came back to Instagram with the VIPs delight as they haven’t heard or saw any posts from the BIGBANG leader for almost a year.



“Hi, Everybody 👋  #NietzschesWords” 

The post consists of pages from a book of compilation of words and quotes from the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche and a screen photo of his phone with the time and date of his posting.

Fans and several fan pages quick to notice of the sudden update and trended ‘Jiyong’ minutes after he posted:




With few months remaining in service left, VIPs are getting excited to welcome the boys from the army, starting with T.O.P in June, G-dragon in October, and both Taeyang and Daesung in November. Meanwhile, Seungri is said to enlist within the first half of the year.

We really wish you are having a good time while serving the country, GD! See you and the rest of the boys soon!


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