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AO Exclusive: Gulf Kanawut in Manila

TharnType: The Series is a well-known Thai Y-series that contributed to the genre’s global establishment. Consequently, the series’ leading actors are growing alongside the business.

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The TharnType: The Series cast apparently planned to hold a fan event in the Philippines in March 2020 as the series gained popularity, however, during that time the COVID-19 epidemic forced them to cancel the said event.

Way back in September 2019, Thai actor, Gulf, visited the Philippines for an event called Thai Fans Day. And after 3 years of waiting, he is back to hold his first solo fan meeting here in the Philippines!

Fortunately, the Annyeong Oppa team was present during his press conference and was able to ask some questions for fans to know him better.

Photos by Jaidey Reyes

When the host asked Gulf what he ate when he arrived, he said that he tried pork tapa and it was very delicious.

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During the interview, he said that he was excited to meet his Filipino fans. And now that he has a lot of series, he will surely bring a lot of fun for PhiBalls. Additionally, since this time, he will hold his first solo fan meeting, he will make it more special and memorable for all Filo-PhiBalls.

Photos by Jaidey Reyes

Since this is his first fan meeting tour in Manila, he just wanted to bring happiness to all of his fans and enjoy the rest of the night. And as for Gulf, the best thing about performing in different countries is that he’s able to meet his fans around the world. To finally be able to see his Filipino fans after the pandemic, he feels so happy to see them and it’s great that everyone is coming.

Aside from the characters that he already portrayed, Gulf said that he wanted to act as a bad guy/villain, and he also said, if would be given a chance, he wanted to work with Sarah Geronimo.

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Photos by Jaidey Reyes

And if he were given a chance to travel around the Philippines he would like to visit Cebu! He also wants to try Jollibee!

When we asked him what does he do during his free time, aside from playing football, he said that he just sleeps or plays with hazard (his cat).

Photos by Jaidey Reyes

In response to our question as to what is his pastimes aside from playing football, he said that he just sleeps or plays with hazards (his cat). And the saying “Sometimes you feel exhausted, but don’t go back to work, just rest,” is what gets him through tough times.

And when we asked what he think is the most attractive part of his body, he said that it’s his smile, because he feels he is likely to get fans with his smile.

Photos by Jaidey Reyes

Lastly, he also said, “everyone has a dream, and if you are happy, keep chasing it so that you won’t regret in the future.”

With all the work and attention that he has, for him, it doesn’t matter how he was remembered, but what’s all important is that he will be known as himself, as Gulf Kanawut.

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What can you say about Gulf? Did you fall for him too?

For more updates for his project, you can follow Gulf Kanawut on his social media accounts!

Written with Rocelle Jean

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