WATCH: Park Joo Ho Reveals His Third Child’s Name!

Return of Superman Dad and Soccer Player, Park Joo Ho just revealed their third child’s name!

Last year, Park Joo Ho surprised everyone during KBS Entertainment Awards with the news of his wife, Anna’s third pregnancy.

Anna gave birth to a healthy baby boy last January 13, 2020.

The family took a hiatus from The Return of Superman when they went to Switzerland to prepare for the baby’s birth.

Joo Ho uploaded his first Youtube video describing his journey to be with his wife before she gives birth on time. He also shared that he was with Anna during the delivery of all his children.

Joo Ho continued sharing his admiration for his wife. However, he did not show the face of the baby as he did not ask him yet, though he shared his name for everyone to know!

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We welcome Park family’s third child, Park Jin Woo / Élyséen! Such a lovely name!

You can watch Park Joo Ho’s video here:

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