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SM got it all for you, even Kai of EXO. Happy to swerve!

You're seeing it right. The photo of EXO's Kai standing in front of 'The SM Store' sign inside SM Mall that is circulating online is not edited.

You’re seeing it right. Kai is at SM but not in South Korea. The photo of EXO’s Kai standing in front of ‘The SM Store’ sign inside SM Mall that is circulating online is not edited.

On January 31, Kai uploaded it on his official Instagram account. The ‘SM’ name being similar to his label’s name ‘SM Entertainment’ must be the reason he took a photo with it.

He even commented on his post saying, “I’m at SM.”

Kai is believed to be in Cebu, Philippines enjoying his vacation with his friends. Some netizens were able to take photos of them.

Kai has also shared several photos from his vacation such as the flowers and the night sky in Cebu.

Last December, Kai mentioned ‘Boracay’, the country’s beach capital, on EXO’s guesting in Knowing Brothers and now he’s in Cebu, another well-known beach in the Philippines. We hope that he and his squad get to enjoy their vacation and fans will continue to respect his privacy. After all, he is here to rest after his confirmed break up with Blackpink‘s Jennie who is coincidentally coming to the Philippines for their concert on February 2 as part of their world tour.

Mga bes, if you happen to see Kai in Cebu, feels pa rin pero kalma lang, okay? Happy to swerve! But please do not invade his privacy and let him enjoy his stay in the country.

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