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K-Pop Idols Speaking Tagalog Who Visited the Philippines Last 2018 and 2019

Whenever a KPOP idol goes on tour to a foreign country, fans usually worry about how they can understand each other. But thanks to the English language, it eases the barrier to have a communication between the idol groups and their fans.

The Philippines has been lucky to be visited by numerous Kpop idol groups and some famous Korean actors from the past years and they still ccontinue doing it to meet their Filipino fans. Some of these artists and groups even surprised their fans by trying their shot in speaking in Tagalog!

You may check and reminisce some of the kilig and cute moments through these fan cams from the 2018 and early 2019 concerts:

1. BTS Wings Tour in Manila

Last 2018, BTS included Manila on their stop for their ‘Wings Tour’ giving happiness to the Filipino ARMYs. The crowd also went wild when each of the members delivered Tagalog and cheesy lines!

2. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Paradise Fan meeting in Manila

When this idol-actor from Goblin rose to fame in the Philippines, he did not forget to include Manila in the list of his ‘Paradise’ Fan meeting. Despite the awful weather in the country during the event, Sungjae enjoyed his stay and thanked the fans in Tagalog. He also revealed that he stayed in Cebu for a month to learn English, Tagalog and some Bisaya words!

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3. Super Junior’s greetings to the Filipino ELFs after 5 years

PH ELFs could never forget this night when Super Junior members showcased their efforts in speaking Tagalog (especially Shindong!) to hype up the ELFs throughout the show. In this show, Pia Wurtzbach, a Siwon biased, received a shoutout from Siwon himself! Recently, Pia once again owned the crown when Siwon commented on her Instagram post. Super Junior truly holds a special place in the PH ELFs hearts. You may reminisce the moment here:

5. iKON & Winner during their concert in Manila

When both YG Groups iKON and Winner visited the Philippines last 2018, their official fanbases, PH iKONICS and PH Inner Circles, really enjoyed the show with them. The two boy groups also did not fail to surprise their fans in showing their Tagalog skills!

iKON is also coming here in the Philippines for the iKON x Samsung Galaxy Launch Party.

6. Wanna One with their cute Tagalog phrases during their concert

We all miss Wanna One! ☹ But during their concert here in Manila, the members left too much kilig feels to PH Wannables by showing their love to sweet and cheesy Tagalog endearments such as ‘Aking Sinta’ ‘Wannables, Akin Ka.’ Who wouldn’t scream for too much feels right?

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Former Wanna One member, Park Jihoon is set to come back here in Manila, mga bes! Do you think he prepared new Tagalog words to share with his MAYs and Wannables? Check the details here.

7. Kim Taeyeon and her love for her PH Beshies and SONES during ‘S Taeyeon Concert

Taeyeon expressed her love for the Philippine SONEs during her intimate and solo concert in Manila. The concert was reportedly sold out several hours after they opened the ticket selling. Some PH SONEs even camped out outside Ticketnet offices just so they can score the best view for the concert! She delighted the fans when she called them as her beshies throughout the concert.

8. BIGBANG Seungri and the Tagalog phrases he learned from Ryan Bang

Seungri recently visited the Philippines for his The Seungri Show solo concert. It is widely known that he frequently go to the Philippines for some of his DJ gigs. During his concert last January, he made all the PH VIPs giggle when he expressed the Tagalog words that he learned from Ryan Bang.

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9. Blackpink’s surprising Tagalog words during ‘In Your Area in Manila’

Filipino BLINKs went wild when they all found out they Blackpink would be coming to Manila last February. Concert tickets easily sold out as soon as they released it. Blinks could never contain their happiness as they screamed and cheered for the girls loud and proud during the concert. Of course, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and RosΓ© reciprocated the love they received by speaking Tagalog words that wowed the fans!

These are only some of the groups who visited the Philippines in 2018 and early 2019 to start our K-Pop fangirling or fanboying life right!

Featured Image Source: Momoland’s MV – Baam

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