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[BREAKING] Super Junior’s Kangin announces voluntary departure from group

On July 11, Super Junior‘s Kangin took it on his Instagram to post about his decision to officially leave the group.

The post translates:

” Hello, I’m Kangin. It’s been a long time since I’ve said something. It’s not good news so I’m heavy-hearted, but I post after much thought.

I’m going to give up the name Super Junior that I’ve shared for such a long time now.

I’ve always felt sorry for the members. I’ve always thought it was a right thing to make a decision as soon as possible. I couldn’t be brave enough to do this because I was so touched by the people who supported me. I thought I shouldn’t decide anything by myself.

But I decided that I shouldn’t delay any more as I watched the members go through things they wouldn’t have to go through because of my problems.

Above all, I feel the most sorry for you, E.L.F., for giving me so much love for 14 years.

It’s too late, but I’ll always feel sorry and thankful for walking together with the name Super Junior on my mind.

I’d like to say thank you to the members and the company members who cared for me until the end.

I’ll always cheer and support Super Junior. Thank you.”

trans: @kanginnim

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Kangin’s decision to leave was due to his past DUI issues that led to some fans (ELF) demanding him to voluntary leave the group in order to protect the group’s name. The scheduled group comeback later this year once again stirred up this issue and again led to a “Boycott Threat” from some of the fans

A representative from Label SJ told the media, “We have decided to respect Kangin’s decision to leave the group voluntarily. This does not affect his exclusive contract with the company; however, nothing has been decided regarding his future promotions.” 

Meanwhile, the 9 active members of Super Junior is currently headed to Saudi Arabia for a Music Festival and a concert show. This is the very first time in Saudi Arabia’s history that a korean group will be having a performance and concert.

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