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Park Jihoon let his dog ‘Max’ pick his fandom name

On January 18, Park Jihoon opened a twitter account and revealed his fandom name. Maroo Entertainment asked for suggestions for Jihoon’s fandom name on fancafé.

Many fans suggested so many creative fandom name, some of them suggested ‘twinkle’, ‘winks’, ‘Sparks’, ‘winkle’, ‘May’, ‘memory’, ‘’, ‘cherish’, ‘jufiter’, ‘we-ty’, ‘마음’ and ‘twiny’.

Jihoon shortlisted the names and he picked ‘May’, ‘memory’, ‘’, ‘cherish’, ‘jufiter’, ‘we-ty’, ‘마음’ and ‘twiny’.

Jihoon asked his little dog ‘Max’ for help in choosing the fandom name. In the end, Max chose ‘May’ as the fandom name. ‘May’ is very significant to Jihoon as he was born in the month of May and it also expresses positivity.

Watch the full Video here:

Seems like ‘May’s’ love it!

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon is coming to Manila this 2019!

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