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Shin Sung Rok and Jang Na Ra meet again on the epilogue of ‘The Last Empress’

Just when we thought that's it's the end for Oh Sunny and Lee Hyuk, 'The Last Empress' leaves us with an epilogue to satisfy our hearts.

This might be the ending that some fans are wishing for — Jang Na Ra is reunited with Shin Sung Rok on the special episode of ‘The Last Empress’!

On February 25, the fans are surprised on the release of the epilogue of the recently concluded hit drama ‘The Last Empress’. Just when we thought that it’s the end for Oh Sunny and Lee Hyuk, ‘The Last Empress’ leaves us with a special episode to satisfy our hearts.

The epilogue shows Oh Sunny (Jang Na Ra) being on a musical stage again singing her part. What’s surprising is the appearance of a man named Jung Man Du (played by none other than, Shin Sung Rok) who acts and sings alongside Oh Sunny.

It turns out that Jung Man Du has been a big fan of Oh Sunny for 10 years since her debut.

Oh Sunny isn’t happy about his performance as his voice cracks towards the end.

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This makes Jung Man Du delivers his speech which reminds Oh Sunny of the very same words she said to Emperor Lee Hyuk when they got married.

Recently, Shin Sung Rok posted a poster of the same musical on his Instagram account.

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Here’s a video clip with English sub:

What do you think of this special episode? Do you think they should really star ina musical production?

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  1. OhMG look how great they are together.
    Yes I want to see them together again on Kdramas. Shin Sun Rok indeed is a great theater actor since he started his career from there. No wonder his voice was great. 😍😍😍 Im sooo happy with this special episode.

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