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Shin Sung Rok Has A Change Of Heart In The Recent Episode Of ‘The Last Empress’

On the 30th episode of the drama ‘The last Empress’, it seems like Emperor Lee Hyuk, played by Shin Sung Rok, is having a change of heart towards Oh Sunny, portrayed by Jang Na Ra.

Lee Hyuk now plans to properly protect Oh Sunny especially against his mother, the Empress Dowager. But the Empress Dowager reminds him that he has never protected anything that he liked.

What do you think Emperor Lee Hyuk will do to protect Oh Sunny? Do you think he has changed for good?

Watch a preview of the episode 30 below:

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  1. I am so excited by his change of heart. I never hated him like I should, but I grow to like him more and more. I know he will still be destroyed in the end, and will deserve it as he is the worst, but it will be nice to see his better side.

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