iKON is indeed one of the famous Boy Group in the Korean Entertainment Industry after competing in two survival shows… WIN: Who Is Next competing against Winner and Mix and Match.

They don’t just sing but iKON writes their own songs with the help of their leader B.I..

Here’s the 10 Songs Of iKON that are worth listening to.


Climax is one of the memorable and meaningful song not only for iKON but for the fans. The song Climax is made by B.I. as their final song during the survival show WIN: Who Is Next as Team B (B.I., Bobby, Jinhwan, YunHyeong, Junhoe, DongHyuk). The song that tells their story, how and what they need to give up just to be on the stage.

2. Love Scenario

Awarded as ‘Song Of The Year’ by the two of the most prestigious Korean Music award giving bodies (Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards). Who haven’t been hooked up with Love Scenario fever? The song that caught everyone’s heart including elementary students that can’t stop singing the song which even caused for banning it from playing at schools.

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3. Killing Me

Catchy music and relatable lyrics that’s what the song Killing Me has to offer. What hurts the most after the break up are the memories that has left that caused more heartbreaks. Killing Me is the second song of iKON that reached 100 Million views on Youtube next to Love Scenario.

4. Goodbye Road

iKONICs or the iKON fans believed that iKON songs has a pattern that can be a great story. The same year 2018, the next title track iKON released is Goodbye Road. The song flows about how a man wished a goodbye to the girl he loves and let go even though it hurts .

5. Apology

iKON’s expertise maybe making break up song…? The song Apology is one of their songs that will hit you hard. Been taken for granted, that’s what Apology says. How a man realized how he ignored and hurt the girl loved. If you’re up to a senti Kpop song, Apology is a must on your list.

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6. B-Day

Are you up for a song that can wake you up? B-Day is the right song for you. Hype up and go “waeng waeng”  while listening to iKON’s Bday song and you’ll know why it’s one of the song you shouldn’t miss .

7. Best Friend

Do you believe that a man and a woman can be just friends?

The song depicts the story of a boy who end up falling for his girl best friend and being contented as it is her Best Friend.

8. Cocktail

Cocktail  is a Hip Hop song iKON release on 2018 written by B.I. for their album New Kids: Continue.

If you want the vibes of party , feeling just the song and relieved your stress you should listen to Cocktail.

9. I’m Okay

The song I’m Okay is the song iKON released early 2019 as part of their Repackaged Album. iKON’s song is like a drama that have a story of love. From the first meeting, being Best Friend, being apologetic, the pain of breaking up, learning to let go and acceptance. Moving on with life and acceptance that’s the story of  I’m Okay.

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10. My Type

My Type is iKON’s first title track from their first album.

The title itself tells what the song is about. The song was written by B.I. and also describes his ideal girl. So it’s a must…

iKON produced all of their song and the above list are just few of their songs that cannot be missed.

What is/are your favorite iKON song/s? Tell us on the comment section below.

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  1. There’s so many ikon songs that worth to listen , if u curious I suggest ‘Just for U ‘ this is a fansong , and the newest ikon song written by other member DK ‘Flower’

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