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iKON marks 5th anniversary with the warm love and support of iKONICs and Binics

Have you ever loved without asking for anything in return? Have you ever fell so hard to the point that you cry and get happy with them? Because I did and I am glad to share that it is iKON's seven members who captured my heart and make each of my days special (not just bearable). Happy 5th anniversary, iKON!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Photo from Koo Junhoe’s Twitter account

The sweet yet a bit regretful memory when I became a casual listener of iKON in 2018 is still clear to my mind. They got my attention through their comeback song Love Scenario that became a mega-hit in that year. I played that song for who knows how many times.

As fresh as it is, I can still remember that I even watched the covers of other artists of that enchanting piece. However, I have noticed that no matter how good the covers are, I always come back to the original— iKON. Because a piece of me knows well that they are the only ones who can sing and bring it out “like that.”

Every line of Love Scenario is so impactful yet a bit heart wrenching as well. The tune and beat are just really perfect and these highlight the message so well. For me, Love Scenario will only perfectly blend with iKON’s voice.

Why was it a bit regretful?

It was kind of regretful to me because in that year, I only started as a casual listener of them but not as a “hard stan” as I am today. In fact, I already knew they are existing in 2016 because of my guy best friend who is a big fan of them. I had and have friends who are so into them, and I am a bit of ashamed I did not dwell onto them a little sooner.

However, as days passed by, I came to think that things happen for a reason. Just as perfect as it could be, they came unexpectedly to my life when I needed them and their light the most. They help me go through the hard times like I do not need to worry for anything.

iKON members are gifts from heaven to me.

Gift of life

Own screenshot from iKON TV

Recently, August 31, 2020, I became so invested to Koo Junhoe because of his undeniably great vocal, captivating stage presence, amazing dance skill, jaw dropping visual, and aura that I cannot resist. I know that he is part of iKON and I suddenly became extra interested in knowing them more.

Then, I gave it a try— I tried to get to know them through different shows and in iKON TV to satisfy my curiosity and interest. However, I did not expect the next thing that happened because it is not so like me— I fell for them so hard in a snap.

I was still hesitant of entering the big family of iKON and iKONICs and Binics because of so many what ifs but I did not let my fear stop me; I love iKON and they make me happy and happier than yesterday. Why would I get afraid, right?

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When I decided to feature iKON in Annyeong Oppa (as I am already a fan), I have seen and experienced myself how welcoming and warm iKONICs and Binics are. Their love and support for the seven men are overflowing and to be honest, I cannot stop my tears from falling on that day. I could not thank them enough especially for staying strong beside iKON.

Thank you.

Tears of pain and happiness

Own screenshot from iKON TV

I can emotionally remember the pain and tears I cried back in 2019 because of what iKON have gone through. I was crying because they do not deserve to face that obstacle in life. I cried because deep in my heart, despite of just being a casual listener then, I want the best for them that this world has to offer.

Kim Hanbin was my first favorite in iKON; he got that power of kindness, leadership, a great artist, and inspiring individual. Then, in August, I got captivated by Ju-ne, who led me to being an iKONIC. Now, others may find it hard to believe, but all iKON members are my “bias” because it is so impossible to just have “one bias” when all of them give different qualities to fall all over again.

Through the years of being a casual listener and the first two weeks of being a fan, iKON members never fail in sending me to cloud nine. The happiness is overflowing and it is priceless.

There are days when I need to finish a lot of tasks at school, house, and others, but they motivate me. I will allot a certain time at night to watch their videos and I will instantly get excited of complying for my tasks to finally watch iKON.

Suddenly, the excitement I feel whenever I study came back… because of iKON. I will never get tired of saying that they are really heaven's blessings to my life.

The passed days become less exhausting. The passed nights are free of pain. Whenever I see them smile from ear to ear, I will find myself smiling as well. However, it gives me a pang in the heart when any of them cries; I could not help it but to cry with them.

The moments I have shared with iKON will surely be forever in my heart.

Just a random flashback…

I still remember when I attended an event where Love Scenario played, someone was so happy guessing if I am a fan of iKON because of my happiness while singing along to the song. Again, I will not get tired of saying that the group and the fandom are so heartwarming to be with and so welcoming, the happiness they give and share with me is overflowing.

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I do not know why I am like this but I easily smile and sing along when any of iKON’s songs is playing. Not sure if I am the only one but tears cannot stop from falling from my eyes whenever I watch iKON’s music video. My love for them is like how many people love their family— no one can beat it.

iKON members are real role models (they are not only talented and handsome)

If there is something I cannot forget the most in iKON TV, it would be Kim Jinan’s message for iKON members. Remember when he said, “I will be there, standing up for you”? It made me cry so much and I totally felt his love for the members. I admire his bravery, love, and deep support for the team. He might not look like it but Jay wants the best for the men.

The next one I want to flex is Hanbin with his dedication, passion, kindness, talents, visual, side that does not want any materialistic things, and many more. I have never found someone in my life who is so humble as he is.

I remember when he confessed in iKON TV that he likes how much he changed (he likes his attitude by that time compared to before). He is not afraid to share that he also commits mistakes. He is not just a good leader and son but also a good individual!

Then, Song Yunhyeong the man who loves selcas so much but he loves iKON more than that. I have seen how much he cares for them and thinks about their health. Aside from that, I have also seen his passion to whatever he is doing; remember Beautiful MV? Believe it or not, he is someone that others can easily get along with!

Next, Kim Jiwon, someone who might be a bit lazy but really smart, caring inside, and passionate to whatever he is doing. I love how Bobby can pour everything of him to singing and dancing; I am not surprised how great his rapping skill is. He is so talented and creative. I love how he can easily thinks of an idea when you ask him!

Maknae line…

Kim Donghyuk is seriously a wonderful person! I love his patience, he does not get mad so easily because he always try to understand things first and not to emotionally react. I really admire him and I try to adapt his good attitude.

Now, let us talk about Ju-ne! I really love his bubbly personality; he can easily put a smile on my face even if I am in my bad days. He might not look like it but he cares so much for other people. He jokes around to make others happy and to create a light environment that everyone will enjoy.

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Last but not the least, Jung Chanwoo! I really like how smart and understanding he is. Others might not have noticed it but he makes sure to always say good and comforting words to other people. I like how he critically thinks first before saying anything.

Short message for the seven members

Few years ago, I just enjoy the beauty and meaningful lyrics of your songs. Whenever any of these plays, I will surely sing along and not waste any minute to appreciate it. Now, I do not just enjoy and appreciate your songs but also feel the emotions you poured to all these and love the soothing voice of each of you.

To be honest, all the pieces you released are perfect and truly powerful on different ways. I cannot choose which one is my favorite but I must say that the ones which leave the greatest impact to me are Goodbye Road, Love Scenario, For You (special fan song) Beautiful, I’m Ok, and Don’t Forget respectively.

I want to say thank you for bringing joy to my life and being with me in the hardest times. Thank you as well for giving my life so much color and for encouraging me to fulfill my purpose with a happy heart. I would also like to give thanks to you for influencing me with your good attitude, kindness, and generosity. Thank you for coming to my life.

I might not be there from the very beginning but I am more than willing to walk with you through this journey. I will be there to stand up with you. Let us walk on the flowery path together. Let us go slow and make it last.

I will always be the first one to be happy for you when you are happy; and the first one to cry with you when things get tough.

If I will be given one wish as an iKONIC that would surely come true, I want it to be the thing I always pray for— genuine happiness for Jay, Yunhyeong, Bobby, Hanbin, DK, Ju-ne, and Chanu. My dream to see them in real life would only come next to the happiness and success of iKON.

Messages from iKONICs and Binics


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