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6 Reasons Why MAYs Should Attend Park Jihoon’s Fan Meet in Manila

Park Jihoon is coming back to Manila for his first fanmeet ‘First Edition’ at the Araneta Coliseum on March 15.

I listed 6 reasons why you must attend his first fanmeet!

  1. It is his first solo fanmeet in Manila.
photo from carrotcenter

This will be his first ever solo fanmeet in Manila after his activities with Wanna One as a group. So we must give and show to him our love and support.

2. You will get to see more of his winks!



3. You can have a chance to touch Park Jihoon’s hands

Image result for Park jihoon hand

By Joining the Pulp Hi-Touch Royalty you will be able to touch Jihoon’s hands! Reminder: Don’t hurt him bes! tamang appear lang.

4. You can have a chance to have a photo with him!

Related image

Yes, it’s possible! You can have a photo with Park Jihoon by purchasing the Photo Royalty. Reminder: Don’t hurt him bes!

5. Watch his live performances

This is your chance to see Jihoon LIVE! You will not be seeing him only on your cellphone but you will be seeing him by your naked eye. Also, Jihoon will perform LIVE.

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6. We miss Wanna One

Image result for Wanna one

I know bes miss mo na sila, miss ko na din sila. So let us join Jihoon once again for his first ever solo fanmeet in Manila.

And Park Jihoon is excited to meet his PH MAYs! Watch the video:

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Here’s what you need to know about Park Ji Hoon in Manila!

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