As we all know, Samsung is having a special event on February 26, 2019 at The Cove Manila where the South Korean idol group iKON will have a special performance. iKONICS are really excited to see their idols for the second time since the group’s ‘Continue Tour’ last November 2018.

Earlier, this twitter account tweeted a warning post for its followers saying that they shouldn’t participate on the said ‘bidding’ for iKONxSamsung event.

We would like to remind you mga bes that Samsung is NOT ENGAGED with any of the “bidding” situation on twitter or any other social media accounts. They already posted the mechanics on how you can score an invite to the said event by registering your Samsung Galaxy phone. They already announced the winners earlier. You may check it here.

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But wait, there’s more! Don’t have a Samsung Galaxy phone? You still have a chance to attend the event and see the performance of iKON. Click here.

See? Samsung got us!

Always remember, don’t be fooled by these kind of people. There are alot of ways on how you can see your favorites without any hassle.

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