WATCH: iKON members notice Kendra and Scarlet Kramer through a video call while performing

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Kendra and Scarlet Kramer are known for being fans of the South Korean boy band iKON. In fact, their family was able to attend the first concert of the mentioned group here in Manila last November 11.

On that same day, Doug Kramer, the father of the charming girls and even shared a photo of their family together with iKON’s Bobby on Instagram.

Below are the the pictures and video posted by Doug Kramer.

Last February 26, Cheska and Doug Kramer attended Samsung’s S10 Launching Party in Manilawhere iKON was invited to perform.

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As the event ended, Doug Kramer posted a video on Instagram showing her daughters being noticed by the group’s members.

See the video below.

Certainly, Kendra and Scarlet are blessed iKONics! It is so lovely seeing the two of them fangirling and expressing their support for iKON. May their genuine love for the group never fades!

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