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Yeo Jin-goo considering an offer to star with IU in upcoming tvN drama

If ever, this will be their first time to work together.

Will actors Yeo Jin-goo and IU work together in upcoming tvN fantasy drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’?

According to Yeo Jin-goo’s agency, Janus Entertainment, “We have been asked to star in the upcoming tvN drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and we are considering it.”

“Hotel Del Luna” is a fantasy drama set in the hotel where the roving spirits stay. The story is revolve around an elite hotelier and a beautiful but grumpy hotel manager named Jang Man-wol.

Yeo Jin-gu has been offered the role of an elite hotelier, and IU is also considering an offer to play the role of the hotel manager, Jang Man-wol.

A lot of fans are expecting and waiting for the confirmation of the two actors if they will be able to work together for the first time through this upcoming drama written by the Hong Sisters.

Meanwhile, Hotel Del Luna is scheduled to air later this year.

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