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5 Must watch MVs of IU with over 50 million views

South Korean singer-songwriter and actress, IU, is one of the most promising celebrity who has both talent and beauty. Aside from that, her kindness and thoughtfulness are so irresistible which make all her fans so proud of her.

No wonder why artist IU is so popular and loved by many. Who wouldn’t get attracted with her beauty inside and out?

With that, numerous fans have been watching her in various Korean dramas and in different official music videos which feature her. Have you ever listen to one of her songs? Here are the top five recommended MVs of the South Korean singer in 1theK with over 50 million views:

1. Palette with over 105 million views

2. Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms with over 88 million views

3. BbiBbi with over 79 million views

4. Twenty-three with over 72 million views

5. Through the Night with over 63 million views

Have you seen and listened to these great music videos of IU? Check them all out, mga bes! Don’t forget to share with us about your favorite piece from the list.

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