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LOOK: Here’s what BTS’ RM did to watch the finale of ‘Sky Castle’

JTBC’s Sky Castle really made a huge impact to all of us, k-drama fans. Because of it’s intriguing plot, the ratings boosted unexpectedly that it became the highest-rated korean drama in cable tv, surpassing Reply 1988 and Goblin.

Now that the drama aired their finale episode last night, fans all over the world are talking about how the drama ends. Even the celebrities are gushing over it just like the k-pop group BTS‘ leader RM who declared his love for this JTBC drama.

After watching the finale, he immediately went to the group on V-Live app and just like any other k-drama fan, he released his sentiments and talked about what he did to make sure that he won’t missed the last episode of the show.

credits to: yoon @cafe_army
credits to: yoon @cafe_army
credits to: yoon @cafe_army

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