​9 Times The Members of B1A4 Showed Their Support to One Another

True to the meaning of their group “Be the One, All for One”, members of B1A4 are very supportive of each other specially when all of them are busy in their individual schedules.

1. When Jinyoung and CNU suprisingly went to Baro’s high school graduation because he has no family in Seoul.

Baro was in tears while retelling this story and we all cried too.

2. Who wouldn’t forget their guesting on Global Request Show: A Song For You where Gongchan was one of the hosts?

They did their best to support their maknae even if they had to wear red high heels while dancing Solo Day.

3. When Gongchan went to the solo promotion of Sandeul in disguise and asked for his autograph.

Such a sweet gesture.

5. And everybody gave the same support to CNU for his musical play, Hamlet.

6. When Sandeul was watching a fighting scene of Jinyoung in Love in the Moonlight and seemed to be amazed by his leader’s fighting skills.

7. While Jinyoung proudly shared one of Love in the Moonlight OST, Swallowing My Heart, performed by Sandeul.

Sandeul sang it live during the OneK Global Peace Concert in the Philippines last March 2017 ❤

8. When Jinyoung won the Best New Actor at 2016 KBS Drama Award.

CNU posted a video of them while cheering their leader-nim which can be heard from the background.

#KBS #연기대상 #신인상 #진영 congratulation ma bro #치히뇽~~~

A post shared by REALCNU (@realcnu) on

9. When they sent a coffee truck to the set of Manhole to celebrate Baro’s birthday.

These instances prove that B1A4 can rely on each other. And sometimes they literally do.

잘~! 잔다😈

A post shared by gongchan (@gongchanida) on

산들아 진영이 힘들다…. #산들 #진영

A post shared by REALCNU (@realcnu) on

As our Bana hearts are getting excited for their comeback on September 25, let us watch the videos below:

Rollin’ Highlight Medley

Rollin’ MV Teaser

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Joey)

With contributions from: Philippine BANAs


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