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For people who had experienced injustice with no power, money, and no one to turn to, the only hope they had left was for someone, like a hero, to step in and help them without asking for anything in return. 

Vigilante, based on the webtoon of the same title, tells the story of a child named Kim Jiyong, who witnesses the brutal death of his mother and feels that he did not receive the justice he deserves. Because of this, he grew up obsessing about his revenge on the man who killed his mother and decided to do something about it.

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Vigilante premiered yesterday, November 8, 2023, on Disney+ with two action-filled episodes that will surely keep you on your toes. Here are some of the highlights of the first two episodes.

Nam Joohyuk

If your favorite drama of his is “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo”, “Start-Up”, and “Twenty five Twenty One”, let me just say that his role in Vigilante is the exact opposite of the roles he had played in these dramas.

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Despite the difference, I would say that he delivered his Vigilante role perfectly. It may not be the boy-next-door role that we are used to but his versatility in acting will surely captivate you. 

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The Power of Media

Media of any form may it be through journalists bloggers or even influencers plays a very special role in how citizens perceive the word “Truth”. In this series, I dislike the way the media played with the Vigilante as well as how they stirred the public’s opinion the way they wanted it. 

Kim Sojin’s acting was so good that you would hate her character Choi Miryeo so much. The confident and strong-willed broadcaster exposed the Vigilante to the public.

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The Chaos

As people see the purpose of the Vigilante which was highlighted by the media, a lot of the public began to see it as something right. Which led a lot of people to imitate what the Vigilante was doing without even knowing his purpose. In turn, everything led to chaos. 

One of the scenes in this series showed that Vigilante was not some brutal killing machine. Because there were several times when he had provided these criminals a second chance to reflect and ask for forgiveness.

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A Hero or A Villian

What do you call someone who ensures that justice is served but does it differently from how law official does it?

As Yoo Jitae had mentioned in their last press conference, Vigilante depicts the same concept as his favorite dark hero, Batman. Just like Batman, Kim Jiyong also lives a double life. A star student at the police academy during the day and a Vigilante at night, seeking justice for those who weren’t able to get one.

Now a question left to be asked, is he a hero or a villain?

The methods that the Vigilante uses are far from what the law allows. But then, for the victims, it was more than enough. 

My Thoughts:

From the moment that I have read about the series it already caught my attention. I have to say that with the first two episodes, I was already blown away at how each of the episodes has transitioned. All the important elements were there, nothing was left out despite how fast each scene transitioned. 

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Another thing that I love about it is that there was no gap at all. It was perfect from the start of each episode and by the time you reach the end, I guarantee that you’ll be asking for more. 

As for the cast, hands down to them for giving life to such complex characters in ways beyond our imagination.

Special mention to Nam Joohyuk, as this is by far one of his best characters. He definitely went over and beyond the characters that I have watched him do. I love his enigmatic persona as Kim Jiyong which was absolutely different from the guy who brought tears to our eyes as he stood by the end of the tunnel telling you how precious life is and how to love with no regrets. 

Overall, Vigilante is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. If you love action thrillers with a slice of life, this one is definitely for you. 

Watch Vigilante on Disney+ with a new episode every Wednesday!

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