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VIGILANTE: A Thrilling Dark Korean Drama coming Exclusively to Disney+


Last April 12, 2023, a new drama called Vigilante, based on the webtoon of the same title, was announced to be released on Disney+ later this year.

When the legal system fails and repeat offenders roam freely, how can people trust their safety to the people of the law that failed to protect them?

After witnessing how the serial abuser, who brutally killed his mother, get away with what he has done, Kim Jiyong (Nam Joohyuk) grew up obsessing about his revenge on the serial abuser and he decided to do something about it.


A star student at the police academy, who is a burgeoning martial arts master, and a bookish academic, Jiyong spent over a decade pursuing the man that had killed his mother and catches him in the middle of another attack. He finally got the chance to exact his revenge and find the retribution that his mother deserve.

After finally getting the justice that he has longed for, Jiyong continues to target non-repentant offenders and unwittingly became the Vigilante, a hero of those who was not able to receive the justice they deserve. Unfortunately, his actions draw media and police attention.

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With his unwillingness to give up his mission of finding justice, Jiyong uses the knowledge that he gained at the police academy to exact his revenge and avoid being caught.

With an amazing cast lineup starring Nam Joohyuk as the vengeful Vigilante Kim Jiyong, Yoo Jitae as Jo Heon, a ruthless detective committed to stopping the Vigilante at all cost, Lee Junhyuk as Cho Kangok, and Kim Sojin as Choi Miryeo, a broadcaster who exposes the Vigilante’s actions.

While waiting for Vigilante to be released, check out these fast-paced criminal dramas that can be watched on Disney+ like Big Bet, starring the legendary actor Choi Minsik and Big Mouth, starring the talented Lee Jongsuk.

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