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Disney+ is set to release a new dark hero with their upcoming series. “Vigilante”.

Vigilante is based on the popular webcomic of the same name that revolves around Kim Jiyong, played by Nam Joohyuk, who is a model student and an aspiring police officer who lives two different lives. A law-abiding citizen by day and a dark hero by night known as the Vigilante. 

The Vigilante seeks justice for those victims who weren’t able to get them through the law but then again is he really a hero or is he one of the bad guys?

Last November 6, 2023, Disney+ held a press conference for their new series that’s set to be released today November 8, 2023, called, “Vigilante”.

Director Choi Jeongyeol, Yoo, Jitae, Lee Junhyuk, and Kim Sojin were in attendance at the said press conference and each one of them shared their thoughts and experiences while making the series.

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With that being said, here are some of the highlights of the press conference.

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Director Choi Jeongyeol

Emphasizes his hope for the series to raise several questions like whether the law is fair and if is it functioning as it should. Another question he wanted people to ask is whether Vigilante is a hero or a villain.

He also shared how he picked the episodes from the webtoon to ensure that he would keep the tension building and try his best to make the series fast-paced. 

Another thing that Director Choi worked on was the music used for the series. He said that each character has their own convictions and motives and he wanted to make sure that aside from the actor, he wanted to ensure that the music can also make it heard.

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Nam Joohyuk

Despite his absence from the press conference because he was currently performing his military duties. Joohyuk prepared a short video of him thanking the media who attended the press conference and asked them as well as the viewersto give their support for Vigilante. He may not have been there, but his presence was definitely felt.

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Yoo Jitae

Yoo Jitae plays the role of Jo Heon, the ruthless detective who is committed to finding and stopping Vigilante.

Jitae shared how he had to gain 20 kilograms of muscle to be able to portray Jo Hoen at its finest. That powerful cop who can easily lift a car on his own. 

He also shared how he was a big fan of the “Batman” franchise, the dark hero of the Western screen, and his hope for Vigilante to become the “Batman” of Korea and reach more people across the globe.

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Lee Junhyuk

Lee Junhyuk on the other hand plays the role Cho Kangok, a chaebol who is an ardent supporter of Vigilante. He shared that for him to be able to perform his role well, he watched several documentaries just to make sure that he delivered his role perfectly.

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Kim Sojin

Kim Sojin plays the role of Choi Miryeo, the broadcaster who revealed Vigilante’s actions to the public. When Sojin found out what kind of person Miryeo was, she instantly worked on how she would show Miryeo’s character as someone who would not stop at any cost and her unfaltering confidence.

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Today, November 8, 2023, two episodes of Vigilante will air through Disney+.

Don’t miss this chance to see the dark hero of South Korea, “Vigilante”.

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