Money Heist Korea is about to bring K-dramas to greater heights

Another Netflix Korean series is about to surprise us.

After the success of Squid Game, Netflix Korea is up for another challenge to impress its global audiences through Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Era. The series is indeed a Korean adaptation of the Spanish series, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

With high expectations, K-dramas fans are eager to get their first access to the highly acclaimed series. The casts of Money Heist Korea held their press conference in front of the local and global press.

Casts portrayal recap

Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Era
Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Era casts
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The casts greeted the press with all excitement as the series they’ve worked on for almost a year is about to be released this week. The whole crew is in complete attendance:

  • Yoo Ji Tae as The Professor
  • Park Hae Soo as Berlin
  • Jun Jong Seo as Tokyo
  • Kim Yun Jin as Inspector Seo Woojin
  • Lee Won Jong as Moscow
  • Park Myung Hoon as Choi Yeungmin
  • Kim Seung Oh as Captain Cha Moohyuk
  • Kim Ji Hun as Denver
  • Jang Yoon Ju as Nairobi
  • Lee Joobeen as Yun Misun
  • Lee Hyun Woo as Rio
  • Kim Ji Hun as Heisinki
  • Lee Kyu Ho as Oslo

Director Kim Hong Sun and writer Ryu Yong Jae are also present. The whole crew greeted the audience with enthusiasm.

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Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Era overview

The series is set in the year 2025 when North and South Korea is working toward their supposed reunification. However, an unpreceded robbery is about to happen planned by a genius strategist and carried out by highly skilled robbers.

The creators of the Korean remake were very much intrigued by the success of the original series. The unique plot of holding the greatest heist in history allowed writer Ryu Yong Jae to come up with a script that fits well to become a Korean tale.

Casts selection

The casts selected from the series were all of a diverse stature. Leads Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Yun Jin said yes to their roles due to their curiosity about the series. They were both aware of the success of the original one and would see this project as a challenge to be at par with the Spanish version.

Yoo Ji Tae (front), Kim Seung-oh (back)
Photo from Netflix
Kim Yun Jin (front), Kim Ji Hun (back)
Photo from Netflix

For global audiences, the Korean casts assure everyone that their own rendition of the robbers will be a little similar to their Spanish counterparts yet a bit different in the line with their Korean narrative. Of course, fans can also expect to see their own charms and sense of humor infused in the characters they are about to portray.

Park Hae Soo
Photo from Netflix
Jun Jong Seo (front), Lee Hyun Woo (back)
Photo from Netflix

Meanwhile, Park Hae Soo who’s been a frontline in Squid Game is thrilled to join the series’ anti-hero, Berlin. When asked if he thinks Money Heist Korea may surpass Squid Game, Hae Soo claimed that there’s a big strength in the said series. The great ensemble and amazing actors might be a huge factor to make the series successful.

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Jun Jong Seo who plays Tokyo already gives the audience an overview that her version of Tokyo is very different from the Spanish version portrayed by Úrsula Corberó.

Best show for the best audiences

We cannot deny the fact that the Spanish version is one of the best Netflix series out there. However, Korean series are game-changers. With the continuous popularity of different Korean dramas, Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Era is one of the series that will maintain the relevance of Korean dramas on Netflix.

Similar to its original version, the first season is divided into two parts and viewers are set to expect that part 2 for season one is to be released soon.

If you’re ready to join the heist, you can now stream it on Netflix.

PR from Netflix.

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