Netflix releases teaser video & poster of Sweet Home Season 2

The long wait is finally over as Sweet Home season 2 is coming this December!

After 3 long years, the continuation of the horror and drama series Sweet Home is scheduled to air on December 1, 2023. Another story to unfold, emotions to tell, and the journey of the Green Home survivors fighting for their lives against the monstrous phenomena.

Netflix revealed the teaser poster for another thrilling, suspenseful, and dramatic episode to look forward to!

Photo credit: Netflix

His passionate eyes, spiked wings, and stance ready for an ultimate battle against the unusual monstrous creatures lurking around the place signify an intense story. Will Hyun Su find the answer to what his heart aims and desires- to become a monster figure or a human?

On November 1, Netflix uploaded the official video teaser of Sweet Home 2.

Watch the teaser here:

Source: Netflix

Are you ready to scream out loud for this season?

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