Can’t get enough of Hwang Min Hyun‘s irresistible charm?

Hwang Min Hyun is a multi-talented singer-turned-actor. He is a former member of the South Korean boy groups, NU’EST and Wanna One and is remarkable for his great portrayal of the roles of Seo Yul in Alchemy of Souls and Kim Do Ha in My Lovely Liar.

He has captured the hearts of so many HWANGDOs not only because of his charm but also because of his dedication and hard work in his craft. His genuine love and appreciation for his fans are also, the reasons why he receives so much love from everyone.

We can’t hide the fact that Min Hyun has an angelic voice and here are some of his songs that you should add in your playlist.

1. Universe

A medium-tempo R&B solo track by Min Hyun that was released in 2019. I love this song especially, Min Hyun’s soft and captivating voice. Min Hyun participated in writing the lyrics of this song.


2. Earphone

Hwang Min Hyun’s solo single under NU’EST’s second and final album, “Romanticize”. He once said that romance for him is when he listens to music he likes and that is what he conveys through this song, taking a break and forgetting about everything while listening to music using earphones.

3. So Beautiful

I love this song because it expresses the beauty of love between two people who are in a romantic relationship. Min Hyun’s sweet voice fits perfectly to the song.

4. I’ll be with you Everyday

Released in 2022 as one of the remarkable OSTs of the hit historical drama, The Red Sleeve. Just like how I love this drama so much, I love this song as well.

5. Tree

One of the tracks under the popular fantasy drama, Alchemy of Souls which was released in 2022. He did great not only in this drama but also in this song as well.

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6. Alarm

Released in 2023 as part of official soundtracks of the romantic comedy series, My Lovely Liar. Just like how much we loved his character here as Kim Do Ha, we can’t resist his charm through this song.

7. Hidden Side

Hwang Min Hyun successfully debuted as a soloist with his first mini album, Truth or Lie and Hidden Side is his lead track. A new side of him was unveiled through this song.

8. Perfect Type

Another song under his first mini album. I guarantee that this song will be a Perfect Type for you as you listen to it.

9. What Was That

A collaboration track for the film, My Love. The melody and unique emotion of Hwang Min Hyun while singing this song is captivating.

10. Crossword

This is one of the tracks under his debut album and a track that will surely make you deeply fall in love with him.

What is your favorite song of Hwang Min Hyun? Share them in the comment section below!

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Moreover, Hwang Min Hyun is coming to Manila for his “UNVEIL” mini-concert at the New Frontier Theater on October 8!

This is your chance to finally see him in person and witness his great performances at this event. Grab your tickets now!

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