GOT7’s Bambam takes Filipino fans on an incredible  journey to “Area 52”

Another GOT7 tingi version made Filipino Ahgases night extra special! 

Bambam‘s not lying when he said, “If you don’t come, I will make you regret it so bad.”

Area 52 is not just a concert, but it’s also a place where an artist and his fans can connect and communicate freely. He took us on an incredible journey where his talent, passion, creativity, and his genuine love for fans met.

Fun-filled opening with “DreamNote”

DreamNote is a 6-member girl group under iME Korea. These lovely girls opened the show performing their songs Broken and Lemonade

Bambam rocks the stage! 

It’s not just amazing but it was incredibly crazy! Bambam started the show with Satellites, Wheels Up, Pandora, Sour & Sweet, and Ride or Die. It was just the opening but in between the loud cheers, you could hear how fans were so amazed with his production and performances. 

The next set of songs from his albums were Let’s Dance, Who Are You, Take It Easy, Ghost, Tippy Toe, Air, Subliminal, Ribbon, and Look So Fine.

He brought another level of kilig with his “Raining in Manila” cover

Image from iME Philippines

This is probably the highlight of the show! Days after his concert, his videos were still trending on various social media sites.

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Prior to his Manila stop, Bambam asked for song recommendations from Filipino Ahgases. A lot requested Raining In Manila and fast forward to concert day, he captured everyone with a very sweet and kilig rendition of Lola Amour’s hit song. His cover is so good and the accent is just so on point. He willingly performed it again as requested by his fans.

Bambam and his Ate Dara! 

Image from iME Philippines

These 2 are labelmates from Abyss. Dara entered with a very powerful performance of 2NE1’s I Am The Best. It was followed by DARA DARA and Festival, wherein Bambam joined her. They both looked so lovely dancing together. 

Bambam to Ahgase, “You guys winning.” This was when they danced to SB19’s Gento twice. Dara also sang his first Filipino single In or Out. Bambam really prepared a lot because he also knew the choreography for Dara’s OPM song!

Dara said that he can call her ate. Bambam also shared that he’s so thankful to her for coming with him to his Manila solo concert. She’s making him love the Philippines so much. 

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Bambam “Fanservice King”

It was not just a simple fanservice but an act of love, care, gratefulness, and appreciation toward his fans. Every interaction with him felt like talking and spending time with a long-time friend.

During his concert, he was supposed to pick only 10 for a 1:1 photo op but due to everyone’s playful “isa pa, isa pa, isa pa”, he ended up choosing 16 persons. This part was super fun because his reaction every time he drew a winner was just so priceless. Bambam even said that it felt like a “friends meeting”.

All of the concert attendees were able to see him up close during his hi-touch event at the end of the show.

Encore stage

He went down the stage singing “Look So Fine” to see everyone closer. It was followed by GOT7 songs Look and Hard Carry which made the crowd go wild. Those were both upbeat tracks but hearing it live again made every Ahgase so emotional. Everyone stood up, cheered, and screamed so loud. That moment felt like home. 

When fans thought that the concert was finished already, he surprised us with another OPM song called Ngiti.

He really meant every word when he said, “I’ve prepared a lot.”

Me being an Ahgase 

I’ve been an Ahgase for 4 years already and seeing the boys showing their own color through this kind of event felt so great. With Bambam, I first saw him perform on stage during their group concert at “Keep Spinning in Manila” last 2019. Attending his solo concert was a very different kind of experience. I felt like a proud mom to my son. 

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Everything was just so well-thought-out. From the stage, production, outfits, lighting, songs, and fan benefits, up to the smallest detail like confetti. Have you guys seen a concert where the confetti had handwritten words from the artist? Well, it’s a Bambam thing.

This concert also showed solidarity among the fandom. It’s just warm feeling seeing how everyone gave their time and effort to help other fans to be able to watch Bambam. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful and memorable journey, Bambam. Filipino Ahgases would love to see you again in the future.

This event is made possible by Abyss and iME Philippines.

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