One of our beloved K-artists, Park Chanyeol, will be returning to the Philippines for a Fun Meet this October 1! Chanyeol, along with EXO member Sehun, recently dropped by the Philippines for a fan concert in May.

While we are counting down the days until we get to see him again, check out some facts about our lovable Chanyeol!

Exceptional singer and rapper

Park Chanyeol debuted in EXO, along with its sub-group EXO-K, in 2012. He also formed a sub-unit with Sehun, forming EXO-SC in 2019.

Chanyeol debuted as a main rapper in EXO and has showcased his talents over the years. Outside of the group, he was featured in a song by Far East Movement and has also shown up in UNPRETTY RAPSTAR with Heize.

However, he has also proven time and time again that he can sing. In 2016, Punch and Chanyeol recorded “Stay With Me”, an OST that has won awards and is currently the only OST with more than 1 million likes on YouTube. Currently, it has more than 4.1 million likes. In 2021, Chanyeol released his single, “Tomorrow” where he once again proved his exceptional voice.

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Check out Killing Voice, where Chanyeol, along with other EXO members, showcased their vocals and how they have only improved and performed better every time they come back.

Talented composer

Chanyeol has taken part behind the scenes of song-making. He has been credited with 41 songs in total and has taken part in EXO songwriting, such as “Promise”, “Ko Ko Bop”, and “Love Shot”. Let us thank Chanyeol for these bops!

Outside of group work, Chanyeol has written for his aforementioned collaborations with Far East Movement, and Heize. He also has written for EXO-SC’s albums and some of his solo songs. He also wrote “Break Your Box”, an OST from “The Box”.

Stunning model and brand ambassador

Chanyeol has modeled and represented various brands. With his expressive eyes and beautiful smile, it’s clear why he is a striking model. He has represented Acqua Di Parma, Nacific, and Prada.

Photo taken from SM Entertainment

In the Philippines, Chanyeol is currently representing Penshoppe, and Ever Bilena.

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Charming actor 

Chanyeol has also shown his talent in acting and has been in various dramas such as “Exo Next Door” (2015), “Memories of the Alhambra”(2018), and “Secret Queen Makers” (2018).

He has also acted in movies such as “So I Married an Anti-fan” (2016), and “The Box” (2021).

Chanyeol is also a recurring cast member for “Law of the Jungle”!

Adorable paw parent

Chanyeol is a proud paw parent of two adorable dogs, Toben and Zzar. The names are a homage to Beethoven and Mozart, respectively. He has been shown on screen multiple times with Toben, especially his My Little Television 2 appearance which made a lot of EXO-Ls laugh at Toben’s antics.

Zzar has been in both of Chanyeol’s Youtube videos, with the most recent one showcasing her ‘singing’ capabilities as commented by EXO-Ls. Maybe she will take after her dad?

Chanyeol also runs an Instagram account for his little family, originally centered around Toben. It now includes Zzar! 

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See you soon, Chanyeol!

EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes are excited to see you!

If you have not gotten a ticket yet, check out Ever Bilena‘s socials for information on where to get them!

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