GOT7 reunites on their 8th anniversary with an Instagram Live!

“7 or never. 7 or nothing.” 

First, you might want to listen to their song ‘Encore‘ while reading this article. 💚

Currently, they are living in 3 different countries, South Korea, China, and Los Angeles, America. But they made time to celebrate their 8th anniversary with Ahgase in an Instagram live.

Image Source: Screen captured from instagram live

A few minutes before the clock turns January 16 in South Korea, Jay B, together with Jinyoung, opened Instagram live. YoungjaeBambam, and Yugyeom joined too. Afterwards, Mark, who just woke since it’s too early in the morning in Los Angeles followed and Jackson in China who’s in the middle of a schedule, video called the maknaes so he can join too.

It started with them doing their greeting, ‘Come and get it! Hello, this is is Got7!

During the live, there were over 250k viewers and it went on for over 30 minutes.

As expected, they are so loud just like the old times. They talked about their solo activities. It won’t be complete if the maknaes won’t tease their hyungs. This time they grilled Jay B and Jinyoung for having a poor internet connection.

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Jackson looked cute when the members told him that they saw his latest single, and Mark looking good as ever even if he just woke up.

Moreover, they also said to anticipate their reunion a lot and wait a little bit. Yugyeom even added that they made a song thinking about Got7. (We are so ready and just waiting for you to drop!)

They might not be all together now, but some things just remain constant. It’s just so happy to see how their bond never change and their chaotic energy never fades. 

Moreover, Bambam posted on his Twitter and Instagram to greet the fans with a picture from their debut.

Mark also shared this on his Instagram story. 

Through the years, Got7 has been proving everyone that their brotherhood is indeed one of the strongest ties in the world. No distance or time zone can break them apart.

Happy anniversary Got7! Thank you for being our home. We might not all be here in the beginning, but we assure you, Ahgases will be beside you until the end. Remember? We are all in it for a long ride.

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Ahgases got your back always and we will be waiting for you no matter how long it takes. 💚

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