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A journey in finding the courage to be ourselves with “The Box”


Sometimes we give ourselves so little credit than we deserve. There would also be a time when we would meet someone who would see the best in us but we are scared to leave our comfort zone, we all have our own BOX that we want to stay in.

The Box tells the story of a washed-up producer Min Soo (Jo Dal-Hwan) who accidentally discovers the talented Ji Hoon (Chanyeol). Min Soo was star-struck after hearing Ji Hoon sing and had him sign a contract with him. Ji Hoon is a talented musical artist except for one flaw, he can’t sing in front of people. But Min Soo saw so much potential that he can’t just let Ji Hoon go. They embark on their musical journey through busking as they travel Eight provinces in South Korea. Knowing his fear of singing in front of people, Min Soo bought an old Refrigerator box where Ji Hoon would sing inside.

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My thoughts:

To be honest, the story is quite simple and you would be able to predict the ending, but the musical journey and the song renditions will make you enjoy the journey with them.

I loved the representation of the Refrigerator box. It even grew along with them.

Part of me wishes that there would be more producers like Min Soo, the way he took care of Ji Hoon despite his predicament was a dedication of a man who loves music. He did not only hone a good musician for money, he was more than that.


Ji Hoon on the other hand is like us. We all have our own boxes where we feel safe. But sometimes the feeling of safeness kept us from being the best that we can be. It takes a lot of courage and support from the people that mean so much to us, for us to take that leap of faith to step out of our box.

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If you are a music lover, then this one is for you. The music choices and the renditions or versions are just amazing. If you are looking for something light and inspiring, this movie starring Park Chanyeol and Jo Dal Hwan is highly recommended.

You can watch it through Vivamax app, but you need to subscribe to watch it. You can also Rent it or Buy it on Google Play Movies and YouTube Movies. Enjoy!

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