Kim Bum says to Filipino fans: “Nag-enjoy ako!” during his fan meeting in Manila!

Kim Bum’s Between U and Me fan meeting in Manila is quite special. Since it was the actor’s return to the country after a long time, fans did not hesitate to waste this opportunity to reunite with the actor.

September 22, 2023, became a memorable night for all Filipino Beommies as Kim Bum graced the stage with his one-of-a-kind fan meeting stage!

Opened the night with “I’m singer, Kim Bum!”

For those who may not know, Kim Bum was a skilled singer! He even released albums way back in 2009 and 2012. The actor opened the night with his version of the songs from his hit series, Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox. He sang Kei’s Wind Song and Thama’s Kiss the Rain.

After this performance, the actor greeted his fans in full Filipino: “Ako po si Kim Bum, Kamusta po Kayo? Namiss ko po kayo. Samahan ninyo akong gumawa ng di makakalimutang ala-ala today. Between U and Me, simulan na natin!” Of course, with his charming smile, every fan present was swept off their feet! 

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Knowing Kim Bum Better

Host Sunny Kim elevated the night as she went to guide the event, starting with a small chit-chat with the actor. Kim Bum proudly shared that he’s hands-on with the preparation for this fan meeting. He even mentioned that even though he hadn’t danced before, he practiced for months to get ready (and his practices were all worth it!).

Oh, and by the way, we get to learn that his MBTI personality type is INTJ!

The 2023 Kim Bum Awards

To make the event more interactive, fans participated in voting prior to starting the event! Which led to the Kim Bum Awards. With the following summary of the awards he “received”:

  • Manila Beommies gave him the “CUTE” description award, but, he likes to describe himself as “COOL”
  • They will introduce Lee Rang or So Yi-Jeong to their best friend, which the actor strongly objected to (lol)! He’d rather introduce Han Joon-hwi since he’s the closest to being a real person to date!
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Kim Bum mentioned that if he were to choose his most memorable role at present, he would choose Lee Rang in a heartbeat. Although he’s thankful for So Yi-jeong of Boys Over Flowers, as this role gave him the biggest opportunity to meet his fans.

More memorable moments made

As the night deepened, the actor continued getting closer to his fans! He played various games with them, which resulted in him dancing!

From Le Sserafim, Jisoo, and NewJeans, Kim Bum has proven that he can dance too!

His fans cheered for him throughout the performances! Kim Bum confessed that he was not really a dancer, but when the fans reacted to him dancing well, he was relieved! All the practices were worth it!

Apart from it, nostalgia surrounded the New Frontier Theater as Kim Bum sang the 2009 OST Because I’m Stupid by SS501 from Boys Over Flowers.

Getting Closer with Filipino Beommies

Several Beommies won the night as they were given a special opportunity to interact with Kim Bum himself!

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Some Beommies played, took Polaroid photos, and even received a customized tumbler from him!

Of course, his Filipino fans prepared a special video project! A touched Kim Bum thanked each fan present for spending the lovely night with him.

Kim Bum also prepared a special surprise for his fans present—lucky fans (who won the group game) received a special photocard from him! A very enthusiastic Kim Bum even went down the stage to get closer to his fans.

Serenaded his Beommies to end the night

As the night deepens, we wish to stay in that moment! Kim Bum expressed his love for his fans and ended the night with When I Get Old by Christopher and Chung Ha.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Kim Bum and chanted encore! and for the last time, the actor performed Universe by Coldplay and BTS.

This particular night is definitely for keeps to every Beommies present! Kim Bum has successfully stolen our hearts back!

And yes, oppa, nag-enjoy din kami! Sana magkita tayo ulit!

Special thanks to Viu Philippines for bringing him here!

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