Seo In Guk concluded his first Asia fan meeting tour in the Philippines last August 12th at the New Frontier Theater presented by EPIC Events.

If there’s one word to describe the whole show, it would be “FUN“. The realest form of fun from a South Korean superstar who gave so much sincere consideration to his audience with generous reactions and interactions to make everyone happy.

The versatile singer-actor opened the show with “My Love”, a single from his 2022 album LOVE&LOVE.

After the first song, he was about to have a chat with the host while sitting down but he asked the fans from the first few rows if they could see him properly because of the prompters on the stage. He stood up instead so everyone could see him well. (Aww!)

He greeted the crowd and was asked by host Karen Bordador for some Tagalog words he has learned. He then proceeded to say “Kamusta na kayo, mga bebe ko? Na-miss nyo ba ako? Na-miss ko kayo.” making his fans scream with kilig! Although shy, he also did a sexier version for everyone.


In Guk shared that he’s currently filming the drama ‘Death Game’ and would like to work on an album as soon as possible. He’s getting into directing as well and trying to direct a short film but is more focused on filming the drama for now.

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Through time, his passion gets bigger and he wants to do more various types of villains in his next projects.

His ultimate goal is to continue to be a singer and actor in the long run and be more loved for a long time until he aged and his teeth have fallen out.


Cafe Minamdang briefly opened for our beloved shaman to give advice to the concerns of some fans. And because he’s in the Philippines, he used our very own “abaniko”.

When someone asked how to look young and healthy.

In Guk said he doesn’t do any care for his face. (Sana all!) He advised to eat well, exercise, and watch adorable videos on YouTube. (When you want to watch adorable videos, he suggested watching his videos on his YouTube channel, okay? Haha!)

When someone asked what does he do when he’s in a “burnout” state.

He said he’s into gaming and he enjoys buying items related to gaming. Just like in games, small successes will pile up and make you feel confident to come out of your comfort zone.


In Guk’s friends and co-stars like Kwon Soo Hyun, Kang Mi Na, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lee Si Eon sent congratulatory messages for his fan meeting.

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Fans also prepared a video and he said despite being known as someone who’s not emotional, the video made him tear up. He even sang to the instrumental music of the video, ‘Seasons of the Heart’, while watching.


Fashionista in real life? His answer was: Of course!

He said he prioritizes style and he’s a fashionista (while striking poses). He loves shopping and there are weird emotions that he feels when he’s successfully shopping.

Take it from the Shopping King himself:

“A true fashionista doesn’t worry what he’ll wear the next day, he’ll pick a random one and make a style out of it.”


In Guk confessed his love for Jollibee. He enjoyed chicken with rice, spaghetti, and yumburger.

In an exciting portion, he was asked to prepare halo-halo on his own. His halo-halo consisted of shaved ice, nata de coco, ube halaya, ube ice cream, kaong, sugar, and milk.

He said it was delicious. I think we should try making this version, too!


The best part of the show was definitely the one with his fans. Everyone who went to the stage to play with him was all lucky because he was so generous in giving them hugs. Such a worthy and delightful time especially for those who came from far places, even from other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc. just to see him.

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He performed his other hits such as ‘I Like You’ (Cafe Minamdang OST), ‘Tease Me’, Shake It Up’, ‘BeBe’, and ‘Love U’.

The highlight that everyone waited for was his performance of Yeng Constantino’s ‘Ikaw’ and he didn’t disappoint. He shared that the song reminded him of his days in Superstar K.

He performed the fan-favorite ‘All For You’ and was surprised to hear the fans singing Jung Eun Ji’s parts of the song.

Seo In Guk ended the night with the song ‘My Baby U’.

He’s sweet, candid, and so funny. He was so game with everything he was asked to do, really! The show was even more special because In Guk made sure to give everyone a great night; throwing kisses, doing aegyo poses, and taking random phones from the crowd to take a video of himself.

His generosity made the whole night very memorable and we can’t wait to see him again when he comes back (as he promised!).

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