20 captivating songs of Seo In Guk that you should add to your playlist!

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Seo In Guk is one of those actors that has really impressive and admirable acting skills. He made his acting debut in a supporting role in 2012 KBS’ romantic drama series Love Rain. In the same year, he finally had his first lead role in 90’s nostalgic hit drama series Reply 1997.

Aside from being an inspiring actor, he has a bewitching voice that will surely melt your heart when he starts to sing; no wonder he won the Mnet’s singing contest called Superstar K in 2009.

He already made various pleasing songs but let me give you some of those.

1. Fate (Like a Fool)

This song was written by him and was released on May 29, 2012, as part of the official soundtrack of his debut drama, Love Rain. His soft and unique voice awakened my sleeping heart.

2. All For You

Released in 2012 as part of the official soundtrack of Seo In Guk’s first lead role in 90’s nostalgic hit drama series Reply 1997 with his leading lady, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji. This song will make you fall in love.

3. Our Love Like This

It’s another original soundtrack from Reply 1997 with Apink’s Jung Eun Ji again. Aside from their characters in the drama, their tandem as singers is really good. The way they harmonize with each other is amazing.

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4. No Matter What

Released in 2013 as the official soundtrack of the rom-com fantasy drama, The Master’s Sun. This song will make you feel so emotional cause why not? He sings it with his soulful voice.

5. Finding Myself

Released in 2014 as part of the official soundtrack of the rom-com drama series High School King Savvy. When I first heard this song, it keeps playing in my mind “What can I do, I don’t know how to find myself, Can’t move on until I find myself” The rhythm of the song is beautiful.

6. Bebe

Released 4 years ago. This was his sixth digital single another written song after his fifth single Seasons of the Heart. If you want some alluring type of Seo In Guk, you should listen to this song, plus his charm in the music video is so bewitching. di ko alam kung di ka pa ma-fall sa kanya dito bes!

7. My Baby U

Special album which was released in 2010. You should listen to this song cause he said: “This song is dedicated to my girl, You are my world, my all” kilig!

8. Love U

A single from his album Just Beginning which was released in 2010. Saranghae U oppa!

9. Better Together

Released in 2017. A love song to Seo In Guk’s fans. I love the way he sang it with his heart and sincerity. He’s so precious.

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10. Mint Chocolate (ft. 40)

A track under his album Better Together. “With you and me now feeling good, Come and show closer, step by step oh Yeah.” Last song syndrome is real!

11. Flower

This song was written and composed by himself and released as part of Tomorrow with You original soundtracks. Aside from the beautiful melody of the song, his soft and lovely voice will touch your heart.

12. Tease Me

Track under his album Perfect Fit which was released in 2012. Fall in love with Seo In Guk’s lovely voice.

13. Time Machine (ft. Swings)

Track under his album Perfect Fit as well. His voice to this song is indeed a “perfect fit”!

14. Star

One of the original soundtracks from his drama with Jung So Min, The Smile has left your eyes. The harmony, melody, and everything about this song is perfect.

15. Shake It Up

A digital single that was released in 2011. With the grooving sound and lively voice of Seo In Guk, this song will make you groove for sure!

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16. Everlasting Love

The lead track from his album Everlasting which was released on January 14, 2014. Seo In Guk has an everlasting calming voice, he is our Everlasting love.

17. I Like You

I Like You is one of the OSTs of his recent drama, Minamdang Case Note. This song is perfect when you want to confess your feelings toward the person you love.

18. Fallen

This song is heartbreaking as it talks about someone who misses his love and hurts because of the painful memories.

19. Youth

Released in 2022 under his album, Fallen. This song is about reminiscing past days with someone he loves. I love this song so much, hearing Seo In Guk’s voice is so relaxing.

20. My Love

Released in 2022 under his single album, Love&Love. My Love is one of my favorite songs, you’ll surely love this song as you listen to it.

Which song of Seo In Guk is your favorite? Share them in the comment section below!

Moreover, Seo In Guk is coming to Manila for his first-ever fan meeting in Manila happening on August 12 at New Frontier Theater.

Don’t miss this chance to see him in person and witness his incredible live performances!

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