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SB19’s Stell shows off his bewitching dance moves in “What?” choreographer version

Once again, SB19’s Stell proved that he is not only the heavenly voice of the group but also a talented dancing machine.

The choreographer version of their masterpiece What? was released on May 2 through SB19’s official YouTube channel.

Stell never fails to impress us with his on-point and impressive dance moves, in spite of the fact that he almost gave up.

But his determination and hard work during the making of this choreography are so commendable, he did that wholeheartedly.

As of writing, the video garnered 112, 216 views and 30,000 likes on YouTube.

To Stell:

Thank you for being an inspiration for us, for all the efforts and hard work you’ve made. Thank you for not giving up, you are such an admirable person. As a successful P-pop artist who proudly represents our own country, we are beyond proud! You and the whole team deserve all the success right now. Remember always that we, A’tin, will always support you all the way. You are one of those precious gems we treasure the most. We love you ๐Ÿ’™

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Watch his choreographer version and the making film of What? MV here:

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